15 Self-Love Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Beyond!

Valentine’s Day is near! It can be emotionally triggering for some; society has led us to believe it’s about celebrating love and relationships with others. Only recently (2010) did Galentine’s become a thing. Whether celebrating with your loved ones or not let’s not forget the importance – especially now more than ever to celebrate ourselves and show ourselves the love and compassion we deserve. They’re many ways to show ourselves self-love. I’m sharing 15 simple self-love ideas you can do solo, with your s/o, or with your bestie (if you choose to)!

Personally, this year I’ll be glamming up. For absolutely no one but myself while catching up on some of my favorite shows. It’s important to note these self-love ideas are not just for Valentine’s Day no, no. These can be done whenever you’d like to show yourself some TLC! Such as a self-care Sunday or my-time Monday.

15 Self-Love Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Beyond!

self-love ideas and affirmations

Self-Love Ideas For Valentine’s & Every Day!

01. Give Yourself A V-Day or Anti-V-Day Manicure

Whether you DIY your manicures or go to a salon, it can be such a soothing and relaxing way to treat yourself and show yourself some TLC! Opt for some glitter, hearts, reds, and pinks if you want to give yourself a V-Day manicure. Are you anti-valentine? Not feeling the hearts, glitter, pinks & reds? Try an amazing purple manicure or your favorite winter manicure! Either way, make it fun and enjoyable for you!

02. Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

There’s nothing more relaxing and luxurious feeling than a spa! Book an appointment at your favorite spa and be at ease! If it’s not in your budget for a spa day create one in your home! As long as it’s relaxing and comforting to you.

03. Solo Date Night

Dining out alone isn’t something I’m comfortable with, honestly, but it’s one of my goals to do more outings in general alone. Whether you too fear outings alone or you fully embrace them; take yourself out on a date. Because why not?

04. Do Nothing

In this post, one of my tips was to give yourself a rest day. And I’m reiterating that here! Give yourself a rest day and do nothing. Binge-watch your favorite shows, watch YouTube, relax in bed, and do nothing that will stress you. After having a rest day you’ll feel refreshed, focused, and more attentive to tasks the following day.

05. Self-Love Glam Up

Instead of opting for a simple no-makeup makeup look, go ahead and glam up for yourself! If the past few years have taught us anything it’s that we shouldn’t wait for special events or gatherings to look and feel good. Put on a fresh face of makeup and get all dressed up for you!

06. Go for A Scenic Walk and Practice Mindfulness

Enjoy a walk around one of your favorite trails, parks, or your neighborhood. Enjoy the fresh air and scenery around you! Take in the beauty of nature! This little moment is a mindfulness practice to be in the present.

07. Enjoy Your Favorite Cup of Coffee in Bed

How often are you grabbing your favorite cup of coffee (or tea) and running out the door? Take a moment to enjoy your favorite cup of beverage in bed. Embrace the aromas, notice the warmth in your hands from your mug, and relish every sip! Let yourself have this moment of peace and tranquility!

08. Self-Love Fancy Dinner

I love to cook! Though, not often am I treating myself and cooking a fancy meal. If you’re feeling extra and want to cook a fancy dinner for one, or a loved one, or for you and the besties have at it! Lose yourself to the experience of cooking such a delightful dinner!

09. Write Yourself A Love Letter

I understand this can be an awkward attempt at first. However, writing a love letter to yourself may help with increasing self-confidence. Showing love to yourself in this manner creates a growing appreciation for who you are and less dependent on others.

If writing a love letter isn’t your desire write a list of affirmations! I love the app I Am to help with daily affirmations. Available on both iOS + Google Play.

10. Plan A Weekend Getaway

Is there a trip you’ve been holding off on? Maybe it’s a bed and breakfast to escape for the weekend? Stop putting it off and book your well-deserved weekend getaway! Don’t think about work, tasks, or the future – just take in every moment of relaxation and have others serve you!

11. Enjoy A Relaxing Bath

No time or desire for a spa? Have yourself a little spa day at home. Create a scenery for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. This gift set to enjoy a relaxing bath and this caddy tray are perfect for creating that spa-like experience!

12. Take A Fitness Class

Maybe working out from home isn’t giving you the same adrenaline rush as it once was. Perhaps, you’d like to be surrounded around other like-minded individuals and enjoy a workout sesh in person! Join a fitness class you’ve been dying to venture on and give yourself that experience! Your mind and body will be so thankful that you did!

13. Sign-Up for A Pottery Class

Unlock your creative skills! Plan a solo date with yourself or get together with your besties and enjoy a pottery class! Have fun and learn the beginners-craft to pottery. Create something beautiful; such as a unique handmade mug to enjoy your beverage in bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

14. Give Yourself Some Retail Therapy

My personal favorite! Because why not treat yourself to some retail therapy? While you may be thinking this isn’t self-love this is self-sabotage be mindful of your situation! Is this impulse or much-needed therapy? If there’s an item you’ve been eyeing but have been hesitant to splurge on, go ahead and buy the item! Gifting it to yourself will make it all the more special!

15. Treat Yourself to Luxury

Whenever it comes to treating ourselves to luxury it’s something we put off. Whatever your reason for putting it off treating yourself to luxury can in fact make you happier and put you in the ultimate feel-good mood! These include getting your hair done at the salon, ordering yourself a dozen roses, a fashion piece, or eating out at a fancy restaurant. Whatever you treat yourself to, do it and do it kindly, and of course, embrace the moment.

As we conclude I thought I’d share some self-love affirmations!

10 Affirmations To Increase Self-Love & Confidence

You’re probably wondering if affirmations can even help with self-love. And in short, yes they help reshape our mindset in how we speak and view ourselves. You’ll notice a boost in self-confidence as you repeat these affirmations daily.

  1. My confidence and self-esteem get better every day.
  2. I am stronger than my fears
  3. I’m so confident in my ability to succeed in whatever I choose to do
  4. I am proud of the person I’ve become
  5. I cannot control other’s opinions of me, but I will not let them affect me
  6. I am who I am and I love myself
  7. Every day I’m becoming a stronger, more confident person
  8. I will not stress over things that are not in my control
  9. I am strong, beautiful, and worthy of love
  10. Love is love and it’s all around me

I hope this post inspires and motivates you to practice self-love every now and then! These are 15 self-love ideas I really wanted to share with you all! I’d love to know though, how do you show yourself self-love? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned? If you have any self-love ideas I didn’t mention I’d love to hear your ideas!

Lastly, many feel selfish and regretful when they treat themselves. However, you totally deserve it and are worthy of it!

xx Zee xx

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