23 Beautiful & Simple Valentines Day Nails To Try!

Winter is still dreary but February brings some excitement to it with it being the month of love. We have Galentines and Valentines. And while Valentine’s itself is quite polarizing – you love it or hate it – there’s no in-between. Galentines Day has become much more accepted and loved. Therefore, whether you celebrate Valentine’s or Galentines these simple valentines day nails are something you’ll definitely want to try!

In prior years I’ve been on the opposite end of truly disliking Valentine’s Day. However, recently it’s … grown on me. But I can’t resist the cute manis for Valentine’s!

Yes, traditional colors for Valentine’s Day are pinks and reds but they’re some beautiful neutrals that I personally would’ve never thought of doing.

Indeed, you’re going to find a few that will inspire you! Of course, if Valentine’s isn’t your thing be sure to check out these beautiful winter nail designs!

Beautiful & Simple Valentines Day Nails To Try!

01 | Black Hearts

Photo: Sé Bonita

black hearts simple valentines day nails

02 | Shimmer Tips & White Hearts

Photo: CDNails & Art

simple valentines day nails

03 | Checkered Hearts

Photo: Nikelle

checkered hearts neutral valentine's day nails

04 | Red Hearts

Photo: Dayanna

red hearts v-day nails

05 | Short V-Day Nails

Photo: Shalimar

short nails for valentine's day

06 | Silver Swirl & Mini Hearts

Photo: MJP Nails

mini red hearts simple valentines day nails

07 | Lavender Swirls


lavender swirls valentine nails

08 | Red Hearts

Photo: Aimee

red hearts simple valentines day nails

09 | Neutral Hearts

Photo: Tracey

neutral hearts short valentine nails

10 | Pink Swirls

Photo: Pinky Prazy

pink swirls valentines day nail ideas

11 | Heart French Tips

Photo: Rach

heart french tips

12 | Pink Tips Red Hearts

Photo: Libs

short valentines day nails pink tips red hearts

13 | Gold Love

Photo: Belle

simple valentines day nails gold love

14 | Neutral Swirls & Heart

Photo: Samii

neutral swirls and heart simple valentines day nails

15 | Pink Ombré

Photo: Mckel

pink ombré simple valentines day nails

16 | Cherry Nails

Photo: OG Nails

cherry nails simple valentines day nails

17 | Simple Mini Heart

Photo: Liz

Simple mini heart

18 | Valentine Swirls

Photo: Tanya

valentine swirls

19 | 3 Hearts

Photo: Bliss Beauty

3 hearts

20 | Simple Nude Valentines Day Nails

Photo: Anso

simple nude valentines day nails

21 | Love & Spice

Photo: Wendy

love and spice

22 | Classic Valentines Day Nails

Photo: Pink Velvet

classic valentines day nails

23 | Flaming Hearts

Photo: Livinluxx

flaming hearts

Hope you’ve found this helpful and found your Valentines inspiration for you next manicure! Be sure to pin and save your favorite!

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