10 Beautiful Spring Bridal Shower Dress Ideas As A Guest

Here we are! It’s peak wedding season and that means bridal showers are in full effect! This is the moment where other than the wedding itself, you are celebrating the special bride-to-be. While excitement is overflowing it can also feel daunting to find the perfect bridal shower dress to wear. You want to look your best, but you can’t outshine the bride-to-be. Thoroughly read the invitation in case there’s information that is needed to know. Such as a location, registry, what to wear eg: color theme (if any), and date & time the event will occur.

One of my dearest friends is getting married soon and I’m so psyched to attend her bridal shower. As I read through the invitation it said wearing pink is a must. For those of us who know her closely, we weren’t surprised that this was her color choice.

Being invited to a bridal shower is an honor. It means you’re someone special to the bride-to-be. So of course, you want to show up looking your best. And looking your best means having the perfect dress for the event.

If you’re unsure what to wear to your bridal shower event, don’t fret. I’ve rounded up some beautiful dresses for being a special guest. And if a dress isn’t what you’re going for I’ve included a couple of pants for inspiration.

Beautiful Spring Bridal Shower Dress Ideas As A Guest

As I said, you must read the invitation thoroughly so no detail is missed. Such as the location and if you can scope out the location or do a quick Google search to get a feel for it. This will help determine which dress to pick for the bridal shower. For example, is it a high-end restaurant? Or a backyard barbecue? Equally important to note is the time of day the event will occur. And yes, most if not all of this information can be found on the invitation.

For example, the bridal shower I’m attending has specified all pink attire and the location is an upscale restaurant. Therefore, I know my outfit must look the part. Opting for something casual is a no.

Outfit Ideas For Bridal Shower Guest

lace dress bridal shower ideas

Lace Dress

The beautiful floral lace dress is elegant and classy.

bridal shower outfit ideas

High-Waist Flare Pants

Not opting for a dress? These cabaret flare pants are so flattering and have a comfortable fit.

embroidered mesh bridal shower dress

Embroidered Mesh Dress

This mesh dress is great for wherever the night takes you!

flutter sleeve dress

Flutter Sleeve Dress

The flutter-sleeve dress is chic and perfect if you don’t love exposing your arms.

high low maxi bridal shower dress idea

High Low Maxi Dress

This high-low maxi is gorgeous and is perfect for an upscale bridal shower.

halter dress for spring and bridal shower

Halter Dress

This form-fitting dress is flattering and is the perfect Spring/Summer dress!

wide-leg jumpsuit

Wide-leg Jumpsuit

Want to look chic and keep it as simple as possible? This wide-leg jumpsuit is just fabulous!

floral maxi dress spring bridal shower idea

Floral Maxi Dress

One word: Stunning. This dress has all the Spring vibes and is great for any formal event.

simple slit dress

Simple Slit Dress

If a halter dress isn’t your thing this square-neck midi A-line dress is just as flattering and beautiful. Its simplicity makes it great for a formal event or casual night out.

surplice midi dress

Surplice Midi Dress

Make a fashion statement with this beautiful surplice dress.

What Do You Wear To A Bridal Shower In The Spring?

When attending a bridal shower it’s always fun to match your outfits not only with the theme but with the Season. If you’re attending a Spring bridal shower wearing floral patterns, flowy sundresses, pastel colors, and matching sets is always a fun way to go while still looking amazing! Lately, I’ve been loving high-low dresses! If the bridal shower is very casual you may want to check out this post for some casual Spring dress inspiration.

Can You Wear Jeans To A Bridal Shower?

You can definitely wear jeans to a bridal shower especially if it’s a cool Spring day. It’s all about styling. Pairing denim with a flowy blouse and some heels elevates the look to make it elegant enough for a bridal shower. Do not wear jeans that have holes or rips in them.

What NOT To Wear …

While some of the not to wear are obvious. Some guests will still have the audacity to show up in outfits that are a big no!

  • As I have said, you can wear jeans. As long as they do not have any rips or holes in them. Unless it’s a super casual bridal shower such as a backyard barbeque otherwise ripped jeans are a no.
  • Do not wear white/off-white! Even if the bride-to-be herself will not be wearing white, it is just wrong and quite honestly disrespectful to wear white on someone else’s day.
  • And lastly, do not steal the bride-to-be’s thunder! Look your best but don’t wear anything too short, too revealing, and too flashy that can take away from the future bride.

As we conclude, I hope this post has been helpful and inspired your next outfit! And if you’re attending a bridal shower congrats and have fun!

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