23 Beautiful Winter Nail Ideas You Need To Try!

It’s been unseasonably warm yet also cold outside! It’s wintertime! While admittedly I love being indoors, especially during freezing temps, I’m looking forward to some Winter outings. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been so cold to visit ice castles, but it’s good enough for ice skating and some hot cocoa! And of course, there’s always time to update our manis to match the season! Drifting away from the Christmas and NYE designs and now going into full-on Winter mode! Purple, in my opinion, is always a great color choice! However, blues, pinks, and white all make for great winter nails. And these photos are sure to spark some winter nail ideas you’ll be wanting to try ASAP!

Beautiful Winter Nail Ideas You Need To Try!

What nail colors are in for winter? Are White Nails OK?

Winter shades are usually much darker. Think, deep reds, blues, and purples. Emerald greens. Also, lots of grays and different shades of white. Make your nails pop with some shimmer and some holo! White nails during Winter are perfect. It’s a beautiful contrast to the dark and gloomy outdoors and other shades of winter.

These winter nail ideas are easy, classy, and inspiring for your next manicure! I’m definitely feeling the blue vibes. My next mani is sure to be a winter-inspired blue nail design!

Easy Winter Nail Designs & Ideas

01 | Pink Glitter + Snowflakes

Photo: Rose Beauty

pink winter nail ideas winter nail ideas

02| Pearl White

Photo: Lykke Nails

pearl white nails

03 | Blue Glitter

Photo: Laryn

blue glitter winter nails winter nail ideas

04 | Silver Swirl

Photo: Tracy

silver swirl winter nail ideas

05 | Blue Snowman

Photo: Dipped by Blaze

blue winter nail designs

06 | Blue French Tips with Snowflakes

Photo: Isa

blue winter nail designs

07 | Blue Sweater

Photo: Ariely

blue sweater + glitter winter nails

08 | Frozen Blue

Photo: Amela

frozen blue winter nail ideas

09 | Winter White & Pink

Photo: Kozmeticki Salon 

winter white and pink nails

10 | Pink Sweater

Photo: Cecilija

pink sweater nails

11 | Blue Ombré

Photo: Brittanee

blue ombré nails

12 | Deep Purple with Scattered Glitter

Photo: Amy Ha

Deep purple winter nails

13 | Black Shimmer Winter

Photo: Anais

black shimmer winter

14 | Classys French Tip + Snowflakes

Photo: Maria

classy winter nails

15 | French Flash Maroon

Photo: Monika

french flash maroon

16 | Deep Red and Gold

Photo: Martina

deep red winter nails

17 | Gold Snowflakes

Photo: Bre

gold snowflakes winter nails

18 | White Sweater

Photo: Allexandrav

white sweater nail

19 | Short and Grey

Photo: Mrs. S

short winter nails

20 | Matte Deep Blue Sparkle

Photo: Paulina

Matte Deep Blue Sparkle winter nail ideas

21 | Baby Blue Winter Wonderland

Photo: Bellvy

baby blue winter wonderland winter nail ideas

22 | Icy Blue Pop Art

Photo: City Girls Nails

icy blue pop art nails winter nail ideas

23 | Silver Snowflakes

Photo: Karen

silver snowflakes winter nail ideas

Here’s your winter inspiration for you next manicure! Feel free to pin and save your favorite! What’re you looking forward to this Winter season?

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