The 5 Best Hand Creams Great For Winter Dry Hands!

Winter is harsh on our skin. Especially on our hands. And since the start of the pandemic, our hands have had to endure much more. The constant washing and sanitizing every 5 minutes is causing our hands to lose moisture much more rapidly. Keeping our hands moisturized is crucial, especially during winter. And the best way to keep moisture in is by using a good hand cream!

The skin on our hands is very thin. They’re constantly exposed to many irritants in the air. When I worked at the restaurant/café I was washing my hands frequently (as one should) and they were always in sanitizer water. Which is extremely harsh on the skin! My hands were SO dry and rough that they would crack and feel like sandpaper. Eww.

Best Winter Hand Creams Great For Dry Hands!

Hand creams can make a world of difference in how your hands look and feel. Yes, hand creams really do work! The key is to use it frequently whenever you need it and much like you apply your skincare on damp skin, the same applies to your hands to lock in moisture!

Another essential step after moisturizing is always to apply SPF to your hands! This is especially crucial if you’re out driving or if you get UV Gel manicures either at the salon or DIY. Keep your hands protected at all times. I normally use the same SPF for my face on my hands. Currently, the Elf Whoa Glow has been a favorite.

winter hand creams necessaire the hand cream

Nécessaire The Hand Cream

Nécessaire is an overall favorite brand of mine! Their products work and work wonderfully! The Hand Cream absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves your hands moisturized without any greasy residue.

winter hand creams skinfix hand repair cream

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream

When I worked in the restaurant industry my hands were dry, cracked, and at times splitting. This hand cream by Skinfix did as the name suggests and repaired my hands.

o'keeffe's working hands winter hand creams

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

This is an excellent affordable option you can find at the drugstore. O’Keefe’s working hands hand cream leaves your hands moisturized for hours without it being a greasy feeling!

Ulta beauty wake up hand cream

Ulta Beauty Wake Up Hand Cream

If you don’t mind a bit of fragrance in your hand cream then you’ll love this one from Ulta Beauty.

eczema honey oatmeal hand cream

Eczema Honey Oatmeal Hand Cream

Oatmeal Hand Cream by Eczema Honey is the newest hand cream in my collection. It absorbs so quickly into the skin leaving hands so soft!

Do Hand Creams Really Work?

Because the skin on our hands is so thin they (along with the skin on our necks) are the first to show signs of aging. Not that that’s necessarily bad, but if you want to keep your hands as youthful as can be, it’s highly recommended to keep them moisturized. And a hand cream will help you do just that. Hand creams help hands from cracking and splitting to looking and feeling smooth and soft. Hand cream is absolutely worth using if you love having soft youthful hands.

Those are my favorite hand creams and what I consider to be some of the best hand creams especially for Winter! Mainly if you prefer fragrance free (with the exception of the Ulta hand cream) and have extra dry hands. If you keep your hands in water, work outside, or just overall have dry hands a hand cream is a must!

And lastly, never forget SPF!

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