Elf Camo Powder Foundation Review For Dry Skin!

As someone with very dry skin, I have avoided powder foundations at all costs. Naturally, when Elf released their Camo Powder foundation I wasn’t interested. Even with all the praise, it was receiving I thought there was no way it will look good on my dry skin! Powder foundations + dry skin = no good! I saw the Elf Camo Powder foundation at my local Walmart and instead of walking by it as I normally would, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. Unsure of why I decided to do so, but am glad I did!

Elf Camo Powder Foundation Review for Dry Skin

Is Powder Foundation Good For Dry Skin?

Firstly, you’re probably wondering if powder foundation is good for dry skin? When I started with my love for makeup I was told to steer clear of powder foundations. Naturally, I love a good dewy skin look. Because of how dry my skin is, my skin can start to look dehydrated and dull if I don’t properly care for it. And this includes makeup! Powder foundations are known to cling and exacerbate dry patches which have never been a good look.

As with any foundation but especially with powder foundation it’s all about the skin prep! Using super moisturizing products for someone with dry skin is crucial. Especially, if you’re wanting to use a powder foundation, this is your best bet! Powder foundations are known to absorb the excess oil and sweat that the skin naturally produces. Which makes it perfect for those who have acne-prone skin and are super oily.

With this in mind can you wear powder foundation if you have dry skin? Yes, yes you can! If you prep your skin correctly, powder foundation can be a good option if it’s something you prefer! However, be sure not to go heavy with the application. Which we will get to further in this post!

The Foundation Review

elf camo powder foundation shades

The Elf camo powder foundation claims to be a primer-infused, long-wear foundation, with medium buildable coverage to full coverage, even airbrushed finish – giving you an even complexion and is talc-free. The foundation comes in 30 shades and it is a soft powder. Therefore, not leaving you fully mattified.

How To Apply Powder Foundation

Normally, when applying any creams and liquid foundations I love using a beauty blender. It’s quick, they’re no brush strokes, and you get an even smooth finish at the end. With powder foundation for dry skin, I love using a brush. I love the Elf complexion duo brush. It works great!

With the beauty blender or sponge, especially with the ones included with powder foundations I find it picks up too much product for my liking. After all, it’s a powder regardless of how good the finish is! Using a beauty blender or the included sponge packs on too much product giving off a cakey look. And with any skin type, I know for sure no one admires a cakey look! But for dry skin especially, it isn’t pleasant.

With a brush, I use swiping and pressing motions making sure to press the product into my skin so it doesn’t look as if it is sitting on top of the skin. It also has lighter coverage, giving me the option to add more if I’d like to. The Elf Camo Powder foundation always looks beautiful on the skin when I apply it this way!

Final Thoughts On Powder Foundation For Dry Skin

How Does The Foundation Wear

I tried several ways to wear this foundation. I wore it over my sunscreens, with primer, as a primer underneath liquid foundation, and as a setting powder. No matter which way I wore it this wore beautifully throughout the day and because my skin was prepped properly there were no dry patches for it to cling to. And to my surprise, it did not dry out my skin throughout the day! It feels extremely lightweight as if I have nothing on, and if using it with dewy products underneath like the Supergoop Glow Screen, you will get some glow but nothing overbearing! It doesn’t fully mattify you and if that’s what you’re looking for in a powder I highly recommend this!

As a dry skin gal, powder foundations are not what I will continue to gravitate towards. However, I don’t mind giving them a try here and there. I find myself reaching for this when I need to do my makeup quickly or for a somewhat no “makeup” makeup look. If you’re a fellow dry skin and have debated over trying this – give it a go! It works great no matter how you use it!

Where To Buy:

Because it’s E.L.F it’s widely available at your local stores! You can find it at: Target, Walmart, Ulta, and Amazon!

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  1. 1.24.23
    Ibti said:

    Hi, which shade did you use? It looks beautiful on you

    • 1.24.23
      Zee said:

      Thank you! I use the shade light 210 N.