Fall Fashion Essentials You Need!

Fashion trends and styles are the best during fall! There’s something about the neutral colors, the plaids, the boots, and layering it all together to create a beautiful outfit. Your autumn wardrobe pieces are your fall fashion staples! And even the most basic of basic tees in your closet – is elevated during the fall when layered with a shacket or cardigan. These are the fall fashion essentials you need!

Having these essentials will make getting ready a breeze! Remember, simple is best. Firstly, before digging into the needs it’s important you know your fashion style and what speaks to you. Now on to the fall fashion essentials!

The 11 Fall Fashion Essentials You Need!

What Clothes Do You Need For Fall?

Fall is the time to enjoy the brisk air, the beautiful foliage, and the fantastic fashion that undoubtedly is everyone’s favorite! There’s something about fall fashion that lends way to lovely creativity! And you most likely already have these essential items in your wardrobe! So what clothes do you need for fall? A few basics, sweaters, and a good pair of denim! Read on for the fall fashion essentials you need in your closet!

The Basics

fall fashion essentials puff sleeve t-shirt

Puff Sleeve T-Shirt

Basics are excellent base layers! They are great under your cardigans, shackets, and moto jacket during chilly evenings, or look great on their own with layered accessories!


one-shoulder thermal knit

One-Shoulder Thermal Knit

Sweater weather, baby! Sweaters are great stand-alone pieces. They are perhaps the star of fall fashion! And I’ll look for any excuse to wear a sweater! They sometimes include more detail in them such as decorative sleeves, and color blocking. They’re also great because they can double as your base layer or wear on top of one of your basics.


fall fashion essentials society sweater shacket

Society Sweater

Is it even fall if you’re not wearing a shacket? I love shackets because they are beautifully made to look like a shirt while providing a lightweight jacket feel. They are designed with fall colors in mind and go great with just about any outfit you pair them with! It’s a staple and an absolute essential!

Moto Jackets

vegan moto jacket

Knock out vegan moto jacket

Moto Jackets are classy yet edgy! And most importantly, they can elevate or add a grunge look to any outfit you pair it with! Moto jackets are pieces that never go out of style!

Sweater Dresses

If you’re not much of a dress person but still want something cute, sweater dresses are the hidden gems! They’re cute, pair well with booties and OTK boots, and are versatile enough to dress up or down! It’s the perfect fall essential!


foret cable knit

Foret Cable Knit

Cardigans are such great layering pieces! They add an extra touch of oomph on top of a basic tee, denim, and booties! And are great for cooler evenings.


fran combat boot

Fran Combat Boot

Let’s be honest, this is the time for your boots collection to shine!

Combat Boots

Like a good moto jacket, combat boots are one of those things that never go out of style!


Booties are for everyone! Especially if you fear OTK boots won’t look right on you – these are great whether you’re petite or tall!

OTK Boots

Over-the-knee boots will dress up any outfit that otherwise paired with sneakers will look casual. These are great with denim and mini-midi sweater dresses!


primegreen stan smith sneakers

Primegreen Stan Smith Sneaker

You can’t go wrong with a well-made pair of sneakers! Fantastic for casual evenings or for times when a good boot just isn’t calling your attention. While I’m not typically a sneaker person I love these and do feel everyone should own at least one pair!


high rise bootcut cropped denim

High Rise Bootcut Cropped

I love wearing dresses and skirts when the time calls for it but I love a good pair of denim jeans! There’s a sort of comfort to them and they’re so versatile with the many ways you can style them! Great for dressing up or down, casual hangouts, or a date night! Denim jeans are the go-to!

Shoulder Bags

we are splendid crossbody

We Are Splendid Crossbody

A good-quality shoulder bag is a great addition to add to your fall essentials!

Seasonal Accessories

recycled blend fringe scarf fall fashion essentials

Recycled Blend Fringe Scarf


Hats are usually not something I’m drawn to, however that changes when the fall comes around!


An absolute fall essential is a good scarf! From the infinity scarf, fringed scarf, etc. They go well with any of your essentials and give you warmth when the weather is a bit frigid.

Those are my top picks for your fall fashion essentials! Hopefully, this post has been of some help to you! Tell me, what are some of your favorite fall essentials? Leave a comment below!

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