8 Fantastic Books To Start The New Year!

New Year, New You! We’ve set our goals and are ready to implement them to become a better, more productive version of ourselves! One of my New Year goals for 2023 is to read 25 books. While 5 of those books will be about finance and a few fictions most of my reading list contains books to improve myself, build better habits, and how to increase focus. Because focus is a real struggle! And that’s why I’m sharing 8 of the best books to start the New Year! Because 2023 is THE year!

Regardless of the year or what you’ve already accomplished or have not accomplished. These books are excellent to start at any given time. And if you fail at a goal, remember failing isn’t a bad thing! It’s a learning experience to keep moving forward.

8 Fantastic Books To Start The New Year!

books to read in the new year

Can A Book Actually Change Your Life?

Understandably, it can sound a bit woo-woo to think that a book can actually change your life.e But yes, yes indeed a book can change your life. Of course, this depends on the book itself and the person reading it. If you apply the lessons you’re learning in your everyday life, you will with time start to see and notice these changes happening. Helping you to improve your life for the better. Now, which book is best for changing your life? That all depends on where you’re at in life. But these self-help books are, in my opinion, the best to start the new year and improve who you are!

8 Best “Self-Help” Books For The New Year

Atomic Habits by james clear books to start the new year

Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

Looking to build better habits and stick with them? This is the book to read! I read this book at the beginning of last year. And it is highly raved about for a reason! If you want to learn the science of habits and the four laws of habit formation – this will not disappoint! It’s engaging and fun. It’s definitely worth the read and a re-read every couple of years!

building a second brain by tiago forte best books to start the new year

Building A Second Brain

Author: Tiago Forte

As of writing, this is my first book of 2023! This may come in second as the most raved-about book. Released in June of 2022 it has cultivated such buzz! If you, like me, have so many thoughts and to-do’s yet no way of remembering it all – this is your book! You’ll learn the C-O-D-E (collect, organize, distill, and express) and how to use your devices for you and not against you (eg: mindlessly scrolling social media).

someday is today by mathew dicks

Someday Is Today

Author: Matthew Dicks

While I have yet to read this, it’s definitely my read next book! Wanting to make the most of your precious time? I know I do! This book is said to help you do just that! Asking your future self what is it that they want from you and making the most of your every day. Today.

maybe you should talk to someone by lori gottlieb

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

Author: Lori Gottlieb

Conversations from therapist and author Lori Gottlieb with her therapist, her patients, and a peek into psychotherapy. More importantly, it’s about overcoming personal struggles and providing advice on how we too can heal and improve our lives! Extremely excited to give this a read!

dare to lead by brene brown books to start the new year

Dare To Lead

Author: Brené Brown

Brené Brown (who has a background in psychology) teaches you how to be vulnerable. Want to level up wherever you are in your life but fear is holding you back? In this book, you’ll learn how to rescind your fear and unleash the confident leader in you! I highly recommend checking out her Netflix as well as her HBO Max documentaries!

the alchemist by paulo coelho

The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

One of the very first books I listened to was The Alchemist. And it’s one I must read again. It’s a beautiful story of living in the pursuit of your dream and never losing faith.

the subtle art of not giving a f*ck by mark manson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Author: Mark Manson

One of the many books I listened to on audible when I was commuting to work. It teaches you that you should only give a f*ck about what is true to you and engage in values that you can control. As a society, we tend to focus on things outside of our control providing little to no value. These are “bad values”. Highly recommend reading this!

Honorable mention is Unfck Yourself by Gay John Bishop!

deep work by cal newport best books to start new year

Deep Work

Author: Cal Newport

The very first productivity book I ever read! Well … listened to it! Cal Newport goes into great detail on being focused in a distracted world. I definitely have to re-read this one! Like Atomic Habits this is another book I would say is worth a re-read every few years or so.

As we conclude, I hope you’ve found these book recommendations of great help! Have you read any of these books or do you plan to read any of the above-mentioned? Any books you think I should check out be sure to leave a comment below!

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