My First Quarter Favorite Amazon Things

Amazon shopping is so addictive. Especially, when no matter the item you can get it within two days! And you can find everything you are looking for it’s truly amazing. I know many people love to share their favorites every month but I’d like to share my top favorite Amazon things quarterly.

Surprisingly, some of my favorite purchases have been fashion items. And a hair straightening comb that makes such a difference when flat ironing my hair!

My Q1 Favorite Amazon Things

Q1 Favorite Amazon Things
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  1. I love cropped sweaters! And this crew neck cropped sweater is a favorite. It’s so soft and comfortable and the sleeves have good length. They come in beautiful colors and I will certainly be picking up another one!
  2. Cuticle oil is important for nail care! And I love this one from Cuccio it’s super affordable, and the scent I have (milk & honey) is light yet lovely. Though, it comes in a few other scents. The dropper makes it easy to apply throughout the day as needed.
  3. Scalp massagers have gained popularity over the last few years. And I have been using mine since then (2020). I love using my scalp massager it feels so good when washing my hair. And yes, I even travel with mine. Recently, I’ve also been loving this one by Tangle Teezer. Though, the teeth are a bit sharper.
  4. This two-pack silicone pencil holder is perfect if you need an organizer for your pens/pencils and don’t have much space. They’re a bit on the smaller side but great for my needs and they look cute on my desk.
  5. This is the little tool I never knew I needed! If you flat iron your hair and it’s not coming out sleek enough, try this!
  6. Almost everyone raves about their ice roller. I finally caved and bought one and I’m so glad I did! I use it both before my AM and PM skincare routine.
  7. This basic box-tee is soft and comfortable. It looks and feels great on. Though, I wish it came in many more colors. They run out quickly.
  8. If you use a beauty blender or any makeup sponge to apply your makeup, you need to try these sponges from AOA studio. They come in a pack of six and work just as well as the original beauty blender.
  9. I love this three-pack of headbands. They’re aesthetically cute and fit comfortably. I occasionally use them when I wash my face and mostly when I do my makeup to keep my hair out of my face.
  10. I’m so late to dermaplaning! But better late than never, yeah? This 12-pack from Kitsch is great and since I dermaplane twice a month the whole pack lasts me around 6 months!
  11. If you have thick hair and you’re tired of tying your hair up only for it to slide down, you’ll want to try these hair ties! They feel comfortable and don’t pull on your hair.
  12. I love a ribbed dress. And this one fits beautifully. I always receive compliments whenever I wear this dress. I will say though, size down from your normal sizing! I’m normally an XS however I ordered an XXS and it fits perfectly!
  13. I’m not much of a game person. But I bought this game after seeing my favorite Youtuber & her husband playing it. It’s such a fun game to play with family and friends!
  14. Another top that I love from Amazon! This style of sweater seems to be trending at the time of writing this, and I love it! The oversized sleeves detail is subtle but so cute. This is yet another amazing fashion find on Amazon!
  15. Lastly, these whitening strips by Lumineux. I have sensitive teeth and these don’t irritate or cause any more sensitivity.

Those are a few of my favorite Amazon things for the first quarter of 2023! What have been some of your favorite Amazon purchases?

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