Here Are 9 Spring Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

There’s something about Spring and Summer that always makes me want to lighten my hair. Maybe because of the sun shining brighter than in the dreary Winter months or perhaps it’s due to the bright colors that trend around this time. However, for us brunettes, it can be damaging and challenging to go from so dark to light. However, it’s [possible. And in this post, I’ll be sharing some beautiful Spring hair color ideas for brunettes!

I’ve been coloring my hair since my early teen years. I’ve had almost every color possible. From crimson red to platinum blonde. My hair has definitely been through its fair share of damage. However, after growing out my undercut I let all the color grow out with it. And I haven’t colored my hair since. And that was in 2018. I’ve been in my natural-dark hair since 2018. And as I mentioned in this post, I want to make it a priority to show my hair some TLC this year. I miss having some color. And upon my search, I’ve been inspired.

Spring Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

I’ll admit as a young child I had always wished for lighter hair. Mostly due to the fact that my mother is a natural blonde. And I thought why couldn’t I have been born blonde, too? Nevertheless, I’ve learned to love and embrace my natural hair. Because dark hair is just as beautiful and bold – and we can have fun, too!

Spring Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Caramel Balayage

spring hair color for brunettes
@Laura Elena

Honey Highlights

honey highlights spring hair color
@Rêve Hair

Light Brown

light brown spring hair color brunettes
@Jayaar Hair

Auburn Blonde

auburn blonde spring hair color for brunettes
@Tami Jenson

Fun In Pink

pink hair for spring

Shades of Red

red hair for spring

Copper Balayage

copper balayage

Touches of Blonde

touch of blonde for brunettes

A Subtle Touch

subtle balayage brunette hair

What Color Suits Brunettes?

The term brunette describes those who naturally have light brown to very dark brown to black hair color. We’re also known as dark-haired beauties. I like that term!

Even though lightening dark hair may require more bleaching than someone with lighter hair, we can still have lighter, beautiful, healthy hair. And colors that naturally suit best are caramel balayage, honey brown, chocolate browns, etc. Though, just because these are some of the colors that suit us best it doesn’t mean we have to limit ourselves to just these colors. As shown above, if you want to have fun with your hair you can wear pink hair, even purples, or any other out there color if it’s what you prefer.

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