How to Be Intentional with Your Holiday Shopping!

Intentional shopping usually isn’t the first thought when it comes to holiday shopping. Instead, we focus on wanting to give the best, sometimes the most expensive, and “fun” gifts! Increasing our stress levels we fall into hyper-consumerism, overspending, and all the marketing spiel that the big-box stores have planned for us. But what if we took some time to organize and intentionally plan our shopping? It makes a world of difference!

Gift-giving is fun! There’s such joy in gifting our loved ones with presents and seeing their faces light up with eager excitement. However, the process of finding that perfect gift can be stressful. Especially if we wait until the last minute we scour the big-box stores and stress over the two-day shipping. Will it be here in two days? Not this year! Not this holiday season! We’re going to reduce the holiday shopping stress curse by being intentional!

What Is Intentional Shopping?

Intentional shopping especially for the holidays is putting thought into your recipients. It decreases holiday shopping stresses because we’re planning ahead in our gift-giving process. Instead of purchasing an item with the thought of I hope they like this. We instead think does this fit with their values? Will it add value to their life? To find out how to intentionally shop for gifts this year, here are 4 tips to ease the stress!

4 Holiday Shopping Tips

Make A Gift-Giving List

I used to never make a shopping list, I thought they were useless. I know, I was so wrong! When we don’t make a list of those closest to us our minds go crazy and we think of everyone we know. We think we must get a gift for every single person in our lives. Such as the neighbor who lives down the street and only waves hi on occasion! You know the one. Being present while making your list helps to keep you focused and intentional! Make your list of your closest family and friends, and if you know their gift ahead of time perhaps something they told you they need, write it down!

Be Mindful of The Receiver

It can be super helpful and useful to establish the individual’s needs and wants. Don’t be shy in asking if you have to. If you overhear them say something be sure to make a note of it. When making your list ask yourself:

  • Who is the person?
  • How will my gift be useful?
  • How can it serve them?
  • What does this person need?
  • Will this be a gift truly appreciated?
  • Is this a gift that will be joyous for more than just a week?

With gift-giving, we strive to give the newest, latest, and best item that’s out right now! It can bring a moment of happiness, but will soon fade and be replaced by the next newest, latest, and best item out there! Asking questions about your person can make your gift a more enjoyable, personal, and longer-lasting experience.

Shop from Local & Small Business Owners

Instead of shopping at the big conglomerate’s shop locally and from small businesses if possible. Now more than ever they need our support! Depending on the gift planned for the person, you’ll be sure to find beautifully made products that have a more personalized feel versus mass-produced products that can feel a bit generic.

Less IS More

With intentional shopping, it’s all about quality. Quality over quantity. We often over-gift to bring joy to a person or spend so much money to feel good, but there’s so much more meaning during this time that doesn’t require the extra spending. Giving one quality gift that has significant meaning means so much more than multiple gifts with little to no meaning.

And lastly, while this is all about intentional shopping. Sometimes, you just can’t underestimate the value of a gift card. Gifting a gift card can feel like no thought was put into what the person would like to receive, but I’ve never met a person ever mad about receiving a gift card. This way, they are in control of getting that item that can bring value into their own life, and thank you for making it possible.

xx Zee xx

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