How to Shop Spring Fashion Trends Mindfully!

As we’re still in the Winter season many are already pondering the trends for Spring and Summer alike. While the Autumn season is undoubtedly my favorite, it’s always exciting to transition into a new season! With fashion, one must always stay a season ahead. As the weather becomes warmer we become inclined to bare skin more than usual to embrace the warmth.

Quite possibly your closet may need an overhaul (for sure mine definitely does!) or maybe you get rid of the old and quickly fill up with new and trendy items every Season (this was me!). Before decluttering it all double-check your items chances are your wardrobe already includes trendy pieces. Are you a person who follows trends?

As to be expected for the Spring and Summer seasons we’ll be seeing bright fun colors! Now, while keeping up with the trends is fun, it’s equally important we be mindful of what we add to our wardrobe. That’s why I’m sharing a few of my favorite Spring fashion trends and how to practice mindful shopping.

What Is Mindful Shopping?

Before we get into the looks, let me elaborate on mindful shopping. Practicing mindfulness simply means being in the present. Keeping your attention on the here and now; the present moment. Mindful shopping is incorporating mindfulness by being fully present and having awareness when we shop.

Spring Fashion Trends Favorites

spring fashion trends lime green

Lime Will Shine!

Lime is having its moment! According to Harper’s Bazaar, it’s lime time! The color we’ll be seeing this season is fun & bright. And I am so here for the lime to shine! While I’m not a bright-colored person, I love this!

cargo trousers for spring/summer

Elevated Cargo Trousers

I love the relaxed fit and comfort of cargo pants. And I’m excited to add cargo trousers to my wardrobe. Styled correctly, it can be a timeless piece and not so trendy.

spring fashion trends distressed denim

[Distressed] Denim Details

I love having at least one piece of distressed denim. There’s always a time and place for it!

fashion staple elevated basics

Elevated Basics

OK, this is a trend I will forever be on board with! You can never go wrong with basics especially elevated basics! They’re a closet staple!

maxi skirts spring fashion trends

Long To The Floor

We’re going to be seeing a lot of long skirts and dresses! And it’s perfect for those chill Spring nights!

How Can We Avoid Temptation In Shopping?

So many times I’ve made purchases solely based on impulse. A few simple things I do to avoid temptation when shopping now are:

  • Wait several days. Depending on the item I give myself a waiting period and decide if it’s an item that will bring joy.
    • I ask how many wears will I get out of this sweater/denim/etc.?
    • Will I enjoy wearing it?
    • Is this a staple piece or a trending piece?
    • If it’s trending, can I see myself wearing it when it’s no longer on trend?
  • Create a needs vs. wants list. This has been so helpful in my spending habits! Seeing what you need vs what you want can help put things into perspective.
  • Unsubscribe from Newsletters. If you find you can click away from a newsletter to get the suggested item – unsubscribe to avoid temptation!
  • Make a list! I love making lists and when I shop not just for groceries but fashion, beauty, etc. And I stick with it. Making a list will help you to spend on your needs of what’s written. And give you practice on self-control!

How to Be Mindful When Shopping Spring Fashion Trends!

In addition to the above, here are some simple tips to keep in mind to practice being mindful when shopping.

  • Do a closet inventory. You may already own pieces that are now trending.
  • Should you decide to make new purchases keep in mind it can quickly become costly. Ask yourself: is this needed? Does it fit within my budget? Alternatively, you can always try clothing rental services and thrift shopping instead.
  • A trend is exactly that – a trend. Some age gracefully and becomes staples while many will fade and become a thing of the past. Do not feel obligated to buy something just because it is now trending.
  • Be honest and realistic with yourself, and ask yourself how often will I wear this piece. If it’s less than 10x it’s not worth buying it.
  • Focus on building a lasting wardrobe and not a trendy one. Add value to your wardrobe by purchasing quality items. Build a closet that will bring you joy and have you excited whenever you open your closet doors.

xx Zee xx

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