How to Start A Workout Routine From Home!

Many people believe that you can only get fit by joining a gym. I, myself, once thought the same. And maybe there’s some truth to it. Or maybe not. Personally, I’ve always been one just to give a gym my money – yup! I would join a gym, never make time to go, and for months payment would process and I would tell myself “one day I’ll go.” The day never came but I finally canceled my membership! *Yay me!* Instead, I’ve always been the kind of person who loves to work out from home. The problem with at-home workouts can be a lack of motivation, discipline, and determination to want to start and actually do the workout. Hence why I’m sharing how to start a workout-from-home routine whether you’re a novice or a pro and tips to stay motivated!

How To Start A Workout Routine From Home

Start A Workout Routine From Home

Starting a workout routine can sometimes feel daunting. Especially if you’re a beginner and everyone on social media seems to have it all together. Not to mention, all the trendy workouts that may not be your thing!

Can You Get Fit From At-Home Workouts?

The first and most common question people ask is can they actually get fit by working out at home? This is especially true for beginners. The honest answer is no matter whether it’s a gym or at home, if you put in the work and are consistent yes, absolutely yes! You can get fit by working out at home and with no equipment at all. It’s all about consistency.

Find Your Reason, Your Why!

You’ve made a goal to get fit. But first and foremost why? Why is it important for you to build a routine? For me, it’s for my health. As someone who takes care of my elderly parents, I see firsthand all the possibilities that can potentially await me if I don’t properly care for myself. So for me, it’s to give my body the best care and keep it healthy and strong. Determining what your why is, is the first step to keeping motivated.

Find The Program That’s Right For You

Maybe Yoga just isn’t for you. Or perhaps you prefer a more upbeat instructor with loud music. It’s all about finding what feels right to you and your body. And who is motivating you enough to keep up with your workout routine? I love using the FtOn App, however, lately, I’ve been loving workouts from Anna of Growingannanas and when I’m wanting to do a good Pilates workout Nicole of Move with Nicole is my favorite!

Finding the right program and instructor will keep you engaged and excited about working out instead of dreading it.

Start Slow + Listen To Your Body

Depending on your fitness level it’s best to start slow. If you’re uneasy to start HIIT try a low-intensity workout and see how your body feels. Once you try a 10-15min workout you’ll quickly see the difference in how your body feels; from there you can gradually work up to longer more intense workouts. Don’t start with long intense workouts. You’ll quickly burn out and start to resent working out, which is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve!

Invest In Workout Clothing

Let’s be honest when we look good, we feel good! When we feel good we’re more likely to move! Investing in workout clothing that will make you look good will motivate you to move your body. Keeping your workout clothes visible will give you the motivation to start your routine & make working out a new healthy habit! And you don’t have to break the bank with expensive workout clothing if it’s not in your budget. This set is cute, functional, and affordable!

Switch Up Your Routine

If you’ve found yourself in a rut, try something new. Maybe the pilates workout you first loved now feels like a chore. Don’t keep up with something that no longer feels right.

Find The Time That Works Best For You!

When I first started my at-home workout routine I started in the mornings. Because you hear so many people say it’s what’s best. And that may be true for them, but it wasn’t the case for me. I found I work out better in the late afternoons & evenings. Play with your time until you find what works best for you and your schedule. And don’t restrict yourself to a set time every day be flexible.

Take before and after photos

Have you ever seen those memes about looking for results after just one workout? That was definitely me in the beginning! However, doing so can cause you to lose motivation and not stick with your workout routine. Instead, take before and after photos to track your progress. This is of course the best way for you to see your results, the other being how you feel about yourself!

Lastly, as we know, working out has many health benefits that are great for both your physical and mental well-being! If all you can do for yourself is a 10 min. workout it’s something your future self will thank you for. Moving your body is a great way to give yourself a little self-care and increase self-kindness. Once you start a workout routine from home, it will slowly become a habit. If you need to, find yourself an accountability partner to hold you accountable. Or make yourself a habit tracker and for 30 days track your fitness progress. Lastly, do it for yourself and not because you feel you have to.

xx Zee xx

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