How to Style Combat Boots!

It’s Autumn baby! You know what that means, right? Combat boots are back! And of course, pumpkin spice anything! Autumn is my favorite season and one of the reasons is due to the amazing fashion! My personal favorite style is combat boots! They’re versatile and the ways to style them are endless! Today, I’m showing you several ways you can style combat boots!

Combat boots are a favorite because of how many ways you can wear them! They can be styled with leggings, dresses, skirts, and denim! There truly is no right or wrong way. It comes down to your personal style and little details like adding accessories.

How to Style Combat Boots

How to style combat boots

Are Combat Boots Still in Style?

It’s funny how a boot meant for war became a fashion staple in the mid-80s! And its popularity has risen since then! It’s 2022, and combat boots are still in style! While they can be worn any time of the year, they seem to be highly trending during the Autumn & Winter seasons.

how to wear combat boots with skinny jeans

How to Wear Combat Boots with Skinny Jeans

Generally, combat boots can be styled with any pair of denim no matter the cut. Be it straight, flare, skinny, bootcut, etc.

You don’t necessarily have to tuck your boots into your jeans, for example, a flare cut looks beautiful when it’s over the combat boot. Much like styling combat boots with leggings, also styling with jeans is such a classic because it comes together effortlessly! And it’s one of my favorite ways to style them!

Outfit: Plaid flannel / bodysuit / Denim / Boots

combat boots with jumpsuit

How to Style Combat Boots with A Jumpsuit

I was skeptical about this one, but once on I kind of loved it! First, can we talk about how gorgeous this color is? It’s the linen picnic jumpsuit from Everlane in the shade Honey and it’s perfect for warm fall. Unlike skinny jeans, these are straight legs and hit above the ankle. The jumpsuit goes over the boots just slightly. I never thought I’d love the combo of jumpsuits with combat boots but they really do work well together!

combat boots with a plaid skirt by Elly Brown

Photo: Uptown with Elly Brown

With A Plaid Skirt

This look is super cute! I love the plaid skirt paired with the boots, it’s perfect for when the temperatures are dropping but you want to look cute while keeping warm.

boots with mini skirt by Maria

Photo: Mia Mia Mine

With A Mini Skirt

Alternatively, if you live in a warmer climate or the weather isn’t freezing temperatures – a mini-skirt is the way to go! It’s feminine meets rugged. And it works beautifully!

midi dress with boots by Lauren

Photo: By Lauren M.

With A Midi Dress

As you can see by now, combat boots are extremely versatile! This look is super chill and chic when paired with a moto jacket making it perfect for a casual night out!

Can You Wear Combat Boots Over 40?

While I’m not in my 40’s yet, when it comes to fashion I don’t think there’s an age limit to wearing what you love. So naturally, yes of course you can wear combat boots over 40, heck even over 50 and 60! Rock it and wear it with confidence.

Should Combat Boots Be Tight or Loose?

When it comes to the fitting of your combat boots they should feel snug. They shouldn’t fit too tight or too loose, basically just right. You can go up a size if you wear thick socks so that the boots will fit snugly and not tight.

Obviously, I love combat boots! They’re such a staple in my footwear during the fall and winter seasons! Are you a fan of the combat boot trend during these seasons? What’s your favorite way to style them? I’d love to know!

xx Zee xx

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