How to Use Social Media Mindfully

One of my very first blog posts earlier this year was what I learned during my one year off social media detox. In short, I got to know myself more and learned to be just a little bit kinder. We spend countless hours scrolling mindlessly instead of using social media mindfully and intentionally.

Social media can consume us if we let it. Hours mindlessly scrolling mostly to escape whatever it is we are running from. If we are feeling bad about ourselves we fall into the comparison trap and end up feeling worse than before!

As we approach the holiday season, it can go either way. We’re still in the midst of a Pandemic, and depression rates continue to increase. Here are several ways to use social media mindfully and intentionally.

Mindfully Set A Timer

If you find yourself spending hours on social media (it’s easy to get lost in it) try setting a timer on your phone. Allow yourself 15 minutes in between every few hours of scroll time. Setting a timer helps you put a limit to your use of social media.

If setting a timer doesn’t help, alternatively you can go into your settings and set a daily limit for the app use. For example, I have a 30minute limit for Instagram and TikTok. Once I’ve reached my limit for the day, I will be notified that I have reached that limit and the app will lock for the rest of the day.

Turn off Social Media Notifications

This has personally helped me tremendously! Turning off notifications allows you to focus on your main tasks and goals without the distraction of a social media notification. You’re less likely to check on a post or message if you are engulfed in your work!

Be Present Using Social Media

Before opening the app ask yourself why are you opening the app? Are you going to feel better or will it make you feel worse? Be present and aware of your emotions and thoughts. If you find it’s not serving you at this time, exit the app.

How to Use Social Media Mindfully

Set An Intention

This goes hand-in-hand with being present. But having a clear intention as to why you are going on social media will help you better utilize the app. Having an intention will allow you to be present, focus on your why, and will keep you from mindlessly scrolling and losing track of time.

Unfollow Who Do Not Serve You

If someone’s content is bringing you down, simply unfollow them. If it’s just a post you can hide a post that you do not want to see. Simply, click the three dots on the right side of the user and select ‘Hide’. Following people who inspire, motivate and bring joy has made a difference in how I use social media.

Interact and Engage

Social media is meant for us to engage! Avoid getting involved in the negative atmosphere, and instead, focus on how you can interact and engage mindfully on someone’s post or story.

Take A Break From Social Media

Every once in a while take a break from social media. Give yourself one or two days out of the week to stay completely off social media. For me, this is usually on the weekends where I take off from social media and remain present in enjoying my weekend!

How do you feel when you use social media? More importantly, how do you use social media? Does it bring you happiness and joy? Or do you find yourself feeling worse than before? I hope these tips are useful and if you have other ways of using social media mindfully, please share! I’d love to know how others use the apps!

xx Zee xx

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