How to Wear Cropped Sweaters

I love sweater weather. And cropped sweaters are a staple! There’s such great versatility in wearing and owning this fashion item! I love wearing cropped sweaters during the autumn and winter seasons. Though, honestly, they can be worn any time of the year. As I’ve said, there’s such versatility in cropped sweaters that they can be worn for any occasion. And in this post, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite ways to wear a cropped sweater!

They come in various styles that it’s easy to style for any occasion! And that’s what makes cropped sweaters great closet staples! You can dress them up or down. Be it a relaxed night in or a fancy night out. I love wearing cropped sweaters during this time of year with high-waisted jeans, and I love that they are great transitional pieces!

how to wear cropped sweaters

What Is A Cropped Sweater?

Firstly, you’re probably wondering what a cropped sweater is, it’s essentially the same thing as a cropped top. It’s a sweater that is shorter than normal.

How To Wear A Cropped Sweater without Showing Your Stomach

When we hear the term “cropped” naturally one assumes showing off your midriff is a must. And maybe you’d like to wear a cropped sweater modestly, without showing off your midriff. It’s possible! Firstly, analyze the style of the top. If it’s boxy usually sizing up would make it fall perfectly at your waist line. In addition to sizing up here are a few other options:

  • Layer it over your favorite button-down shirt. This looks so classy!
  • Wear high-waisted jeans (or alternatively a high-waisted skirt)
  • Again, size up one or two sizes for waist-side length. Depending on the cropped style, of course.

How To Wear Cropped Sweaters

Cropped Sweater With Jeans

If you’re looking to feel put together with little effort wearing your high-waisted jeans with a cropped sweater is as easy and effortless as it can get! There’s a nice balance with the high-waist jeans and sweater with just a slight midriff showing.

Again, if you want to make this look a little more modest layer it over a button-down shirt and pair it with straight-leg jeans to elevate the look. This is a great option if you’re in the office and still want to look chic.

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Cropped Sweaters Over A Dress

Because why not get more uses out of your dresses past Spring and Summer! Adding a cropped sweater gives it a new look! You don’t have to worry about any bunching or tying your sweater, with it already being cropped you have a polished, well-put-together look.

Cropped Sweaters With Skirts

Similarly, wearing it with a skirt will give off an elegant and polished look. And of course, accessorizing with jewelery will bring it all together making it look effortless!

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is such a classic and great for professionals. Wearing a cropped sweater may not be your first instinct, but it’s such a great pairing. The juxtaposition of the tight fitting skirt with the loose fitting cropped sweater are such a great balance and compliment eachother well.

Mini Skirt

It may not seem ideal to pair a cropped sweater with a mini skirt, but done right and it’s such a cute fit and great for a night out! Pair it with tights during colder months or alternativedly with thigh high boots to create a beautiful silhouette.

Many Ways To Wear A Cropped Sweater!

As you can see, they’re many ways to style a cropped sweater! And part of the reason why they’re my favorite clothing item. They’re great layering pieces or standalone pieces. I, of course, love it with denim or over a dress. To conclude, I hope you’ve found some inspiration on how to wear and style a cropped sweater!

xx Zee xx

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