Lessons Learned from Future Self Journaling!

They’re so many forms of journaling! I remember back in early January, I tinkered with the thought of starting to journal. I stumbled upon this YT video and then this blog post while doing a google search of ‘future self journaling’ and immediately started my future-self-journaling journey.

What is Future Self Journaling?

As explained by Dr. Nicole LePera of The Holistic Psychologist future self journaling is:

A tool that allows you to start becoming conscious. The more you use it, the more your consciousness will expand

This, my friend, I find to be entirely true!

I didn’t think I would enjoy writing the same prompts on a daily basis, I get bored fairly quickly when doing something repetitive. And you may feel the same way! However, something in me shifted where I noticed immediately an enjoyment in writing to and from my future self. I started to notice small but effective changes that were exciting and they motivated me to continue meeting my future self with my present self.

How To Start Future Self Journaling

Starting a journal can be daunting. The first thing to ask yourself is why? As with anything you start having your why is key. When you lose your focus you have your why which is your reasoning to get back on track. All you need to start a future self journal is a notebook that makes you excited to write in it, a good pen, your why, and the one pattern/behavior you want to change, and focus on this for 30 days.

A little tip: to journal consistently keep your notebook in a place where it’s always visible to you. Have it open and ready to go for the next day!

The Prompts

Future Self Journaling

When doing a future-self journaling session, it shouldn’t take long. Don’t overthink your responses to any of the prompts. Set aside 5-10min a day and freely write. Here are some prompts to help you get started with future self journaling.


There is so much power in the words we affirm to ourselves each and every day. What you speak you become!
If you’re struggling or cannot think of an affirmation there’s a lovely app called “I Am”!

An example of a few affirmations that I’ve written are:

  1. Even in difficult times, I choose to see the good in life.
  2. My dreams are much greater than my fears.
  3. I boldly go after what I want in life.
  4. My past is one big learning experience.

… and so forth. Using affirmations can help shift your mindset.

I Will Focus On …

A great way to shift a pattern of behavior is making it the focus. It sets the intention and can be as simple as ‘I will focus on shifting my pattern of self-doubt.’ This focus allows you to slowly grow into your future self. Thus, having more confidence in yourself and less self-doubt.

A Trait My Future Self Will Have …

This prompt allows you to visualize your future self and see a trait that you can bring into the present.

Example: A trait my future self will have is amazing confidence in who I am.

When writing keep it presently focused. As the example above shows write in the now. It seeps into your subconscious and will allow you to be amazingly confident in who you are!

The Person I’m Becoming Will Experience …

What are some things you will like to experience? When you see your future self how are they feeling? Since we’ve been exploring the topic of confidence, as I feel it’s something we all struggle with in some shape or form a great example of this is: The person I’m becoming will experience confidence during social gatherings.

I Have The Opportunity To Be My Future Self Today When I …

This is perhaps one of my favorite prompts. Simply because it encourages me to act as I would my future self. Maybe your future self is someone who doesn’t focus on the people or words that no longer serve you, or maybe your future self is bold and doesn’t let their fears hold them back. If so, bring that part of your future self to your present self.

It’s a small act that allows you to meet your future self somewhere in the middle.

Example: I have the opportunity to be my future self today when I do not put my focus on the people who no longer serve me.

When I Think of Who I’m Becoming I Feel …

Oftentimes this brings a rush of motivation and patience. How are you feeling when you think of who you are becoming?

Example: When I think of who I’m becoming I feel inspired.

Now sometimes we’re feeling impatient or fearful, if it’s how you’re feeling at the exact moment of your writing don’t hesitate to put it down on paper. This is a great way to reflect. And you’re being honest with yourself – which your future self will appreciate.

My Future Self Will Thank Me For …

As each day goes by you are closer to being the person you envision. If looking back what is one simple thing you can do today that your future self will thank you for?

Example: My future self will thank me for taking time to rest.

The Take Away

Since beginning my journey with future self journaling it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I was very skeptical but It’s been three months and counting and I love how this has become part of my morning routine. I’ve noticed my patience with myself has increased and I’m more inclined to make healthier choices that my future self will be thankful for.

I’ve become conscious of who I am and who I’m becoming. I also find I am more comfortable being who I am without the worry of judgment from others. I’m becoming much more confident in myself.

When journaling – any kind of journaling remember it’s about YOU and for YOU. Don’t stress or overthink what you write or what you think may sound good to others. It’s your space to be free and write as you please with absolutely no one judging you but only yourself. Have fun with it! You’ll never know how journaling can guide you to become this better version of yourself. It truly helps you realize (as the old saying goes) that life happens for you and not to you.

While journaling may not be for everyone future self journaling is worth giving a try! Have you tried future journaling?

I’d love to hear your feedback!

xx Zee xx

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