How to Maximize Space in A Small Bedroom Office

Working from home means being creative and finding ways to maximize space in a small bedroom/office. As someone who now works from home, I had to make the most of my limited space. I needed to be creative and find ways to maximize the space to its full potential without feeling overwhelmed and the room feeling crowded. Creating a new space within a space that’s already very limited is challenging. Today, I’m sharing a few tips on making the most of small rooms and finding ways to maximize your space! If you have limited space or you’re dividing a small space to create a WFH office – this is for you.

maximize space in small bedroom office

Three Simple Tips to Maximize Space in A Small Bedroom Office

Keep It Light

If you’ve watched any episode of Fixer Upper or any series on HGTV then you know with small spaces it’s important to keep the colors light! Brightening up the space gives the illusion that it’s much bigger than it is. This makes the space feel quaint and not cramped. This works great when dividing spaces, such as a small bedroom into an office!

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Be Mindful of The Size in Furniture

If you have large bulky pieces the space will feel tight and cramped. Most of the time I work from my bedroom so using corner lighting and small side tables helps the space feel a bit larger. I downsized my desk and upgraded to a standing-option desk. My previous desk was 60” and I now have a 40” standing desk. Prior to downsizing, my room felt so cramped with limited space to walk around.

Look at your space and get a feel for it. This Nathan James Theo Two-Shelf wall mount is perfect for super tight spaces!

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Adding Greenery / Pop of Color

Adding greenery adds a beautiful pop of color! If your space is feeling bland try adding some plants to your space. It’s a great way to add texture, and greenery is said to inspire productivity and creativity.

A Few More Tips on Maximizing Space in A Small Bedroom/Office

Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

It’s super important to keep your workspace clutter-free! There’s a saying ‘a cluttered space is a cluttered mind’. Having a cluttered space and a messy desk can interfere with your ability to focus.

Keep The Space Separate

If you work in your bedroom, refrain from working on your bed. This will become a habit you do not want to develop. Let your brain know bed = sleepy time and that corner is office hours!

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