Mindfulness to Get Through Difficult Times

You’re probably thinking mindfulness is hard. And there’s no doubt we’re facing some difficult times. These past few years have been life-altering in many ways. We’re still in a pandemic, there’s a war going on, and other personal burdens that surely weigh heavy on one’s soul. Practicing mindfulness to get through difficult times can help to bring inner peace. And help you to focus on what you can control.

I’ll be honest, there are times when even I have difficulties bringing myself to practice mindfulness. I get so wrapped up in everything going on I lose sight of the good, however, when I focus on the here and now and what’s in my control I start to feel a calmness settle in. A sense of everything is going to be OK.

Here Are 6 Ways To Practice Mindfulness To Get Through Difficult Times

How to Practice Mindfulness to Get Through Difficult Times

Practice Meditation

Meditation is great because it teaches you to bring your focus to the present. If you’re unsure how to start this post has some of my favorite apps that are great for all levels. With meditation, I’ve learned to be aware of my thoughts, emotions, and my breath and you can too. Yes, it’s challenging at first which is why I highly recommend starting out with an app. Whatever you do, don’t be hard on yourself instead be kind and patient.

Breath Awareness

The first thing to change in us during any situation is our breathing (– Jay Shetty). Having breath awareness can help us to calm anxiety; my 71 wise mother suffers severe anxiety and uses the box breathing method to help calm her down *when she’s aware.

The box breathing method is breathing in for 4, hold for 4, and out for 4. Of course, if you need to breathe in, hold the breath, or breathe out for longer periods of time you absolutely can.

Being aware of our breathing helps bring our focus back to the present.

Journal Your Thoughts & Emotions

Journaling your emotions is a fantastic way to bring awareness and help you get through difficult times. I use this book to write how I’m feeling and have an understanding as to why. Journaling how we feel helps us bring awareness to things we actually can control.

Watch Your Social Media & Media Activity

It’s so easy for us to mindlessly scroll through social media if we’re not being mindful. With that, we get wrapped up in the content being shown unaware of how much we’re ingesting. Be aware of the media and how much of the media you are consuming. Setting a time limit to spend on each app can be incredibly helpful!

Keep A Gratitude Journal

I know it can be tough to find things to be grateful for when going through difficult situations. In fact, gratitude isn’t something that first comes to mind. However, keeping a gratitude journal can help you reflect on what’s around you, bring you back to the present, and find new things to be grateful for.

Get Outdoors

Getting outdoors is great, especially for our mental health. Go for a walk, a hike, get outdoors and enjoy the world around you. In fact, if you have trouble meditating while sitting you can go on a meditative walk which may be easier for beginners. Really take in your surroundings and see the beauty around you!

Lastly, get together with friends and family whenever possible. In a time where we are feeling more isolated than ever it’s important that when we have the opportunity to surround ourselves with loved ones and those who make us feel good we do so. And being in the present, taking in every moment possible makes it all the worthwhile!

xx Zee xx

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