My Fall Makeup Routine

There’s something about the autumn season! As we transition out of Summer and start adding layers to our clothing, updating our manis to the current fall trend, and adding decor of spooky mixed with the holidays. It’s certainly a favorite season for many and for many reasons! Another update we add to our routine is our makeup! And I’m sharing my current fall makeup routine that I’ve been loving!

My Fall Makeup Routine

my fall makeup routine

A Few Autumn Season Makeup Tips

Before getting into my routine, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • Update your skincare. As temperatures drop and the weather gets colder opt for skincare that will hydrate and benefit your current needs.
  • Remember, never skip the SPF! No matter the season.
  • If you use a primer opt for one with lasting hydration.
  • Use a foundation that is hydrating.

One can never have enough hydration, especially if one lives in a colder climate. And now onto the routine …

Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray

Maybe I’ve been watching too much TikTok recently, but starting with a setting spray such as the CT Airbrush Flawless adds extra hydration to my skin and ensures my makeup base will last throughout the day!

charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless setting spray

ABH Rose Metals Palette

After applying my eyeshadow primer, I go in with the ABH Rose Metals palette! The color story is the epitome of Fall! The textures are velvety smooth and you can easily go from day to night with this palette! And importantly, you can keep your looks simple or go full glam! If you need a perfect Fall eyeshadow palette this is the one!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Rose Metals Palette - fall makeup routine

Winky Lux Peeper Perfect Concealer

Once done with my eyes, I go ahead and add some concealer just under the eyes. Lately, with my fall makeup routine, I’ve been loving the peeper perfect from Winky Lux!

winky lux peeper perfect concealer

One/Size Turn Up The Base BBB Cream

I love the coverage of this foundation! I first, like to go in with a small amount and blend it with my fingers. Then, I take what’s left on the back of my hand with a brush and apply a second layer. It provides just enough coverage for my needs.

Note: If you have dry skin as I do, this does work great! Again, prep your skin properly. Such as a thick moisturizer like this one to ensure no dryness peeks through!

One/Size Turn Up The Base BBB Cream - fall makeup routine

Rose Inc. Solar Infusion Cream Bronzer

This bronzer is very natural looking and provides just the right amount of warmth to my skin without looking orange! It’s on heavy rotation and it’s one of my favorite cream bronzers!

Rose Inc. Solar Infusion Cream Bronzer

LYS Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream Blush

This blush is super creamy and goes on beautifully! I love the shade Empower for a more autumn look! A little goes a long way as it can be easy to go heavy!

LYS High Standard Satin Matte Blush

The Best Lip Combo!

Lastly, if you’ve seen my easy no “makeup” makeup post then you know how much I love this lip combo! It’s the perfect nude especially if you’re around my skin tone!

Rare Beauty Kind Words + Kaja Gloss Shot - fall makeup routine

Finally, I’ll add mascara, set with my favorite loose powder, and spritz on my setting spray one final time! It lasts all day! What are some of your favorite go-to’s for the season?

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