My Simple Morning Routine for a Productive Day!

I started a morning routine in mid-2019. My morning routine has changed so much from then to now, it’s much more simple. My mornings usually start with how I end the night prior. If I end the night well and get a goodnight’s sleep (anywhere between 7-8hrs), I find my mornings to be enjoyable and off to a great start. One thing that’s been consistent from then to now is, I do not start my morning’s scrolling or looking through my phone. It stays on DND until later on in the day. The routine I created for myself helps set the tone for a productive and focused day.

6:15 AM – 6:30 AM | Wake Up & Make The Bed

If nothing else, this is the one thing that is a must! There’s something about bed-making first thing in the morning that makes me feel as if my life is well put together. They’re also mental health benefits to making your bed! Having the bed made first thing in the morning sets a tone for the day ahead that says “we’re getting things done”.

6:45 AM | Morning Devotional + Meditation

Starting the day with gratitude is something I do no matter how busy the day ahead is. I give thanks for a new day and then read a page in my daily devotional. I find that after reading my daily devotional I feel centered and at peace.

After reading a page in my daily devotional, I begin to do a 10-15minute meditation. I’m able to focus on my breathing. Since practicing meditation for about two in a half years now, I’ve become emotionally stable, I’ve noticed mental clarity for better focus, and being intentional about my days.

7:00 AM | Future Self Journaling

Once done meditating, I go ahead and begin future self journaling. I find that journaling has been quite therapeutic. Without thinking too much about what’s being written, journaling prepares me for the day ahead and meets the person I want to become somewhere in the middle.

7:15 AM | A Simple Morning Stretch Routine!

Most of my morning routine starts off sedentary and still. Once done journaling and meditating, I love to do a 15-minute stretch to get the blood flowing and increase energy. There’s a beautiful surge of energy that I feel when I do my morning stretches. This is the last step that gets me ready to go about my day and take on any tasks at hand.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

7:30 AM | A Cup of Coffee / Matcha Latte

OK, so this is actually the last step to my morning routine! Normally, I drink coffee but have recently become aware of my anxiety increasing. I sit in solitude enjoying my matcha latte (currently), feeling the warmth of my mug in the palms of my hands while enjoying the aromas of the freshly brewed cup that are enticing my dopamine. Here, I stay with my thoughts of the day ahead, afterwards, I start my skincare, and get ready for the day!

My Simple Morning Routine Isn’t Always The Same …

… and that’s OK. I’m not strict with my routine, and you shouldn’t be either. Revisit your intention, your why for starting if you’re being too hard on yourself. I don’t always keep up with my routine, some mornings I start working right after making my bed. The mornings are my me time and I do what feels right at the moment.

What’s your routine? What do you do for you?

xx Zee xx

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