23 Simple St Patricks Day Nails For Good Luck!

It’s the luck of the Irish! The time when we’re all about the greens and having fun. I also like to celebrate because it happens to be my cousin’s birthday. Naturally, it’s a fun day and a fun time to celebrate. And if you don’t drink alcohol like me, you can still have a good time. And if like me, you love having your manicure match the upcoming holiday then put a pause on your spring manicure (or make it part of your Spring manicure) and try one of these fun and simple St Patricks Day nails ideas!

Whether you celebrate or not, it’s always fun switching up manicures! If having a shamrock isn’t your thing, no worries. There are some beautiful greens to add to your manicure inspiration!

So whether you do your manicures yourself or need inspiration for your next salon visit this post is for you! Get ready to feel inspired!

Simple St Patricks Day Nails For Good Luck!

01 | Cute St Patricks Day Nails

Photo: Tamami

cute st patricks day nails

02 | Green French Tips

Photo: Karina

green french tips st patricks day nails

03 | Lucky Shamrock (Short St Patricks Day Nails)

Photo: Glam Nail Bar

lucky shamrock short st patricks day nails

04 | Lucky Green

Photo: Cutie Coolz

lucky green st patricks day nails

05 | St Patricks Day Green Abstract

Photo: Kaysiah

st patricks day abstract nails

06 | Shamrock Fun

Photo: Lyndsi

shamrock fun st patricks day nails

07 | The Lucky Clover

Photo: Sara

the lucky clover

08 | Simple Four Leaf Clover

Photo: Nail Artist

simple four leaf clover st patricks day nails

09 | Green Ombré

Photo: McKenna

green ombré cute st patricks day nails

10 | Classy Matte French Tips Ombré

Photo: Jules

matte french tips ombre classy st patricks day nails

11 | Fun St Patricks Day Nails

Photo: Kristin

fun st patricks day nails

12 | Chrome French Tips + Stars

Photo: Tori

chrome french tips + stars

13 | Green Plaid

Photo: Luna Nails & Spa

green plaid nails

14 | The Lucky Gold

Photo: Alyssa

the lucky gold st patricks day nails

15 | Sage Green + A Sparkle of Gold

Photo: A

sage green + a sparkle of gold

16 | Lucky Gold Swirls

Photo: Ashley

lucky gold swirls

17 | Gold Frenchies Classy St Patricks Day Nails

Photo: Kristy

classy st patricks day nails gold french

18 | Simple Green & Gold

Photo: Alli

simple green and gold

19 | The Lucky Green French & Swirls

Photo: BR

The Lucky Green French & Swirls

20 | Glitter In The Gold

Photo: Kayla

glitter in the gold

21 | A Strike of Gold

Photo: Tara

a strike of gold nails

22 | The Lucky Charm

Photo: Damaris

the lucky charm

23 | Lucky Leprechaun

Photo: Alyssa

lucky lepewchaun

As we conclude, I hope this post has been of some inspiration for your next St Patricks Day manicure! Be sure to pin and save your favorite.

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