5 Simple Tips On How To Project Pan Makeup!

My beauty products have been growing increasingly. Especially my makeup collection. Within this past year, I’ve accumulated quite a collection. And once I get a new product, I tend to let other products sit on the sidelines as I obsess over what’s new. Who else does the same? I’ve been hearing and learning a lot about project panning. And made it one of my goals this year to be mindful of my products and their usage. This is why this year I will project pan my makeup! And if you’d like to join the project pan challenge, be sure to read on for some simple tips I’ve learned!

Simple Tips On How To Project Pan Makeup!

tips on how to project pan makeup

I would dare to say that we’ve all at some point said to ourselves we will save something for a special occasion. And that includes any makeup, only how often does a special occasion come around? Probably not as often as we’d like to think. I want to project pan so that I can learn to shop my stash more and not overly consume products that can quickly go bad.

What Is A Project Pan?

A project pan is essentially a challenge to hit pan on your beauty products (skincare, makeup, haircare) or choose to finish the entire product. It encourages us as consumers to shop our stash rather than always purchasing new products. Therefore, we become mindful of what’s in our stash and ask ourselves is this new product actually needed?

What Does It Mean To Hit Pan?

Now that we understand the concept of project pan what exactly does it mean to hit pan? Hitting pan on makeup means using most if not all of the product until you can see the bottom of the product (the pan). So when someone says they’ve hit pan in makeup, that’s what they’re speaking of.

My 2023 Project Pan Makeup

In my first project pan challenge my goal is to hit pan on the products I love and become a more mindful consumer.

Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray

This is my favorite setting spray and I would love to use this up before trying any new setting sprays.

Patrick Ta Major Skin Foundation

At first, during my initial review, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I liked it but didn’t love it. However, the more I used it the more I came around to loving it. And it’s one product I will be excited to hit pan on personally since complexion products are my favorite to try out! And to be clear, my goal is to hit pan on both the foundation and powder.

Rose Inc. Bronzer

I love this bronzer. And because it’s one of my most reached-for bronzers, I had to add the it to my project pan!

Makeup By Mario Blush Stick

One of my all-time favorite and most used blushes!

Elf Bite-Size Eyeshadow Quad

OK, I’ve had this mini eyeshadow quad for a few years or so. Since it’s not a large eyeshadow palette it’s definitely one I can see myself hitting pan on.

Ilia & Saie Mini Mascara

My love for mascara runs deep! And because they have a short lifespan (3 months) I really want to use up most if not all of my minis. Starting with the ilia and saie mascaras!

Makeup Forever Lip Liner

Makeup Forever lip liner has been my go-to! Especially the shade up & down tan. Because I’m almost done with it I’m also including the shade Endless Cacao.

Kaja Gloss & Rare Beauty Lipstick

If you know, you know! This duo has my heart. And I would be more than happy if I’m able to fully use up both the Kaja gloss shot and Rare Beauty lipstick.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind For A Succesful Makeup Project Pan!

  1. Choose products you love! When you select the products you love they are the ones you are more likely to grab therefore making them easier to use.
  2. Project pan -OR- Use Up Entirely. Have a clear goal on whether you just want to hit pan or use it up. Certain products can be easy to use up in their entirety. Such as body moisturizers and skincare products. Very rarely do I ever “waste” such products. When selecting your products consciously make the decision of simply panning it or using it up.
  3. Keep it simple. Select one in each category to start. And have that be your main focus. Adding too much can be overwhelming and discouraging.
  4. Do a check-in. Keeping track of where you started to where you are with the product is encouraging. It keeps you motivated to keep moving forward. You can check in every 4-8 weeks, monthly, or quarterly.
  5. Make it known. Post on social media or the Reddit community to stay motivated.

Lastly, give yourself a timeline with your makeup. And if you have yet to pan a product by the date you assumed, keep moving forward with it. Equally important is a no-buy. Not purchasing new products that are similar to what you already have strongly encourages you to focus on what you do have.

I’d love to know have you participated in a project pan before? I hope these tips are both encouraging and helpful!

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