22 Spooky & Cute Halloween Nail Designs!

As we’re approaching spooky season it’s that time again for some nail inspiration! I have to be honest, I rarely do any nail designs for Halloween, instead I will opt for a black or orange nail color for Halloween. And keeping true to fall themed nails. But these are some incredibly spooky and cute Halloween nail designs!

I love Halloween! The chill crisp air, the horror movies (even though I’m too afraid to watch most), the gatherings with a warm cup of cocoa. And seeing the decorated houses with witches and ghosts always puts me in the spooky spirit. Who else loves watching classics like Nightmare on Elm Street? Hocus Pocus? and Halloween?

Horror movies aside, Halloween is just as much fun for us adults as it is for the kiddos! It’s the one time we get to dress as our favorite character and be whoever we want for a night, enjoy the sweets, and give out tricks-or-treats! And these cute Halloween nail designs will be a perfect addition to your costume!

22 Spooky & Cute Halloween Nail Designs!

01 | Matte Black Spiders

Photo: Francesca

matte black spiders cute halloween nails

02 | Stiletto Ghosts and Drips

Photo: Nail Pro

stiletto ghosts and drips halloween nail ideas

03 | Jelly Black Bats

Photo: Katie

long halloween nails black bats

04 | Orange Snakes and Ghosts

Photo: Annie

orange snakes and ghosts halloween nails

05 | Cute Halloween Nail Designs

Photo: Shawnie

cute halloween nail designs

06 | Spooky Ghosts

Photo: Nicoya

spooky ghosts nails

07 | Black cat and Purple Glitter

Photo: Helen

black cat and purple glitter nails

08 | Boo! Spooky Halloween Nails

Photo: Isabel

spooky halloween nails

09 | Cute Short Halloween Nail Ideas

Photo: Sonya

short halloween nail ideas

10 | Black and Pink Pumpkin and Stars

Photo: Serenity Nails

black and pink pumpkin and stars halloween nails

11 | Spiders, Bats, Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Drips

Photo: Stacey

spiders, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and drips halloween nails

12 | Fun Halloween Nail Designs

Photo: Megan

fun halloween nail designs

13 | Skeletal and Black Shimmer

Photo: Amanda

skeletal and black shimmer nails halloween

14 | Ghosts and Cute Halloween Nail Designs

Photo: The Nail Artist

ghosts and cute halloween nail designs

15 | Orange Nails with Ghosts and Pumpkins

Photo: Serenity Nails

orange nails with ghosts and pumpkins

16 | Spooky Skeletal Halloween Nails

Photo: Tina

spooky skeletal nails

17 | Black Drip

Photo: Shawnie

black drip

18 | Angry Pumpkin and Black on Black Spider

Photo: Nailology

angry pumpkin black on black spider halloween

19 | Haunted Nails

Photo: Sofia

haunted nails

20 | Spider Webs on Short Nails Designs

Photo: Desiree

spider webs short nails

21 | Scream! Spooky Halloween Nails

Photo: West 7 Nail Bar

scream halloween nails

22 | Abstract Halloween Nail Designs

Photo: Tessa

abstract halloween nails

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for your next Halloween manicure! As always feel free to save and pin your favorite!

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