Spooky Podcasts To Listen To For Spooky Season!

We’re approaching spooky season perhaps earlier than we’d imagined. I’m quite excited about the season change! As we transition our decor from Summer to Autumn and our wardrobes are now sweater weather ready, we’re getting into spooky mode and that means not only watching scary movies and having creepy decor but having spooky podcasts to listen to that will keep you up at night!

I don’t listen to podcasts as often as I used to when I had a 45min commute to work. Now that I work from home, I seldomly listen as often as I’d like. However, recently I’ve been in the mood to listen to all the spooky things! And I’m sharing the top 5 spooky podcasts that will keep you up at night!

Spooky Podcasts To Listen To For Spooky Season!

full body chills podcast

Full Body Chills

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For the past few years, the hosts of Full Body Chills have never disappointed! New seasons (patiently awaiting season four!) every season! Listening to Full Body Chills reminds me of childhood when my cousins and I would build a fort and see who can tell the scariest story! This is great if you are commuting and want some spooks but do not have you crawling out of your skin!

Full Body Chills is free to listen to and you can listen on Spotify | Apple | Google or wherever you get your podcasts.

The No Sleep Podcast

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Looking for a podcast to keep you up all night? The No Sleep Podcast is just that! The anthologies are beautifully and hauntingly read by the show’s host David Cummings and its many contributors. I love listening during a long commute!

You can listen to The No Sleep Podcast for free on Apple | Spotify | Google or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

the no sleep podcast spooky podcasts to listen to for spooky season

welcome to night vale spooky podcasts to listen to

Welcome To Night Vale

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Now with only two episodes monthly you can easily get lost listening to these stories! They do an excellent job capturing your attention through their storytelling and narrating. In fact, while you listen think of Night Vale as your town and you’re listening to the local radio station to keep up with news, weather, and mysteries that will creep you out! Oh, and they incorporate some humor!

Have a listen on Apple | Spotify | Google or wherever you like to listen!

Night Light

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Delivering short stories (the longest episode is slightly over an hour) created and read by black writers. Because they’re short stories, these are great to listen to during mornings before sunrise or alternatively during quick trips out and about! One creepy episode I particularly enjoyed was The Hills Bled Gold! Give it a listen!

Lastly, you can support Night Light through Patreon, and be sure to listen for free on Spotify | Apple | and Google Podcasts, or of course wherever you like to listen!

night light podcast

chilling true tales podcast

Chilling True Tales

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Real stories from real people. That’s Chilling True Tales! They’re mini-episodes that make for a quick listen. If you binge listen they can be quite frightening – especially knowing they’re real stories!

And lastly, listen to Chilling True Tales on Spotify | Apple | Google, or of course wherever you like to listen!

Enjoy these spooky podcasts to listen to for spooky season!

Lastly, I’d love to know if you have listened to any spooky podcasts to get into the frightening mood. Have you listened to any on my list? Is there a podcast I didn’t list that I should listen to? Leave a comment below!

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