The Best Content Creator Planner: Golden Coil!

As the New Year rolls in many of us will set our goals and contemplate ways of achieving a goal within the first few months. And the growth of digital content creation isn’t slowing down anytime soon. If one of your goals is to start a side-business of your own be it a Youtube Channel, Blog, Podcast, etc. you need to keep organized! If you are a pen-to-paper person but don’t want to start a bullet journal, the next best thing is a planner! The best planner for the content creator in you is Golden Coil!

I love a good planner! As they say ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. A quote that has become my favorite. I use multiple tools to keep on track with tasks, goals, appointments, etc, Some of those tools include Asana, my Bullet Journal and my Golden Coil planner!

Most planners come pre-designed with layouts already set for you. If you want a little more control over how your planner is designed and the pages that go in your planner then the Golden Coil is perfect for you!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor in collaboration with Golden Coil. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why The Golden Coil Planner Is The Best Content Creator Planner!

Every Content Creator Needs A Brain Dump and Meeting Pages

When setting up your planner you have the option to select brain dump pages and meeting notes pages! If you’re a freelancer, influencer, or content creator of any kind these pages are so beneficial to have in your planner! How many times do thoughts pop in your head and you need to jot them down? The brain dump is necessary! And it’s great to have a designated page for jotting down notes during an important meeting!

Social Media Pages, Project Management Pages, and Finance!

Having social media and project management pages is a game-changer! Golden Coil offers a plethora of optional pages. But if you’re a content creator the pages to plan your social media and your projects are key! Keeping up with projects, meeting deadlines and seeing your progress gives so much gratification! Additionally, you can track your finances with the finance tracker! Because of its customization, each planner is tailored to you and your needs!

Goilden Coil Let’s You Select When Your Planner Starts and Ends!

That’s right! You can choose when you want your planner to start and end! If you prefer a Sunday calendar start day over a Monday they’ve recently added that option as well. Maybe you don’t want to start your blog or Youtube channel at the beginning of the year, maybe it’s in March. You can choose what months and dates you want your planner to start and end to keep organized.

Weekly/Daily Layouts Are Fully Customizable!

So not only can you select your cover (everything from designer, pattern, linen, and faux-leather) you can choose how you would like your layouts to be. You have the option of selecting weekly pages to daily pages with the option of them being horizontal, vertical, and boxes.

Personally, I prefer the daily pages as I use this in conjunction with my bullet journal. My bullet journal spreads are weekly with events and appointments and I can break down weekly tasks into daily tasks in my Golden Coil planner. For me, this is a perfect harmony!

And with the daily pages, you have the options of hourly, half-hourly, vertical, and horizontal spreads. Some come with the option of setting an intention for the day and a self-care box. How thoughtful!

Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Motivated

When assembling your planner after adding your layouts and pages you have the option to select if you’d like to have quotes. Quotes are on the bottom of your pages and each quote is a great little way to stay focused and motivated. This is great to look at when your motivation is low.

They offer a variety of quotes from Spiritual, Productivity, Motivational, Literary, and even challenges to challenge yourself and self-care challenges!

Another thing to note is the quality of the paper they use. It’s the best I’ve experienced in a planner! Many planner pages may feel thin and cheaply made. But with Golden Coil, its thickness doesn’t allow for ink to seep through and ink colors show up beautifully on the pages. They work great with fineliners such as Le Pen, ballpoints, and gel pens alike!

If you’re a content creator or thinking of becoming a content creator having your ideas written down and social media ideas laid out is crucial! It helps keep you organized and stay on track! A planner like the Golden Coil planner is a perfect fit!

Happy Creating,

xx Zee xx

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