The Best Skincare For Dry Sensitive Skin

I’ve struggled with dry skin for what feels like forever. And sensitive skin has been forever. If, like me, you struggle with dry sensitive skin then you know it’s a real struggle trying to find the perfect products that will work well. Some products will cause the skin to react leaving it red and irritated. I had this problem a few times a couple of years ago. And it’s never fun. As much as I love trying new makeup – as always the start of a flawless base is a good skincare routine. And over the years I’ve gathered several favorites that in my opinion are skincare must-haves! Especially, skincare for dry sensitive skin.

As I have said, I’ve had some instances where my skin got severely irritated it was red, itchy, swollen, and burned. It made me re-evaluate my skincare and go back to the basics! And with this, I was able to heal my skin and take better care of it.

Skincare For Dry Sensitive Skin

Dry skin is an enemy for several reasons. The main one perhaps is due to how quickly it can age you. To be clear, dry skin is more susceptible to environmental factors that can cause inflammation and break down collagen and elastin leading to premature fine lines and wrinkles.

And there could be a number of reasons why you have dry skin. Most people experience dry skin when the seasons change such as in Winter. Other factors can include hard water.

Now, take all dry skin problems and add sensitivity into the mix. Oh, goodness! Sensitive skin may be caused by heredity (as is in my case) other causes include reactions such as eczema, rosacea, and contact dermatitis.

With all this being said here are some must-haves that everyone with dry sensitive skin should own! These are the basics to start a great skincare routine for dry sensitive skin.

The Skincare Must-Haves

Hydrating Cleansing Balm & Cleanser

While it may seem this isn’t an important one because it washes off, using a gentle non-stripping cleanser is necessary. One of the most gentle, non-stripping, and non-drying cleansers I’ve ever used is this one by Krave Beauty. However, since they’ve reformulated I haven’t tried their new version. But this one is just as gentle and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry and tight nor does my skin react to it.

Gentle Exfoliator

While, yes this can cause your skin to dry out more, however, if used correctly we can avoid potential dryness. I am obsessed with Paula’sChoice 2% BHA. Because it does a phenomenal job at gently exfoliating and minimizing pores. For my skin specifically, I’m OK to use this every other night.

A Moisturizing Vitamin-C Serum (Or Facial Oil)

When my skin had a bad reaction I was afraid to try anything new. However, using facial oil seemed necessary. It helped to calm my skin and get it back to looking normal. I also used a vitamin C serum every other day. Again, I made sure it would moisturize and not irritate my skin.

Hydrating Fragrance-Free Moisturizer

One of my favorite moisturizers from my favorite brand is the Skinfix barrier+ triple lipid-peptide face cream. Because it’s unscented and thick it does an excellent job of keeping your skin moisturized. And it works great under makeup.

Lock It In with An Ointment (optional)

There’re times when doing my nightly routine where I feel extra dry in certain areas. For this, I will go in with an ointment such as Skinfix’s ointment and dab where needed.

Farmacy honey grail Skincare For Dry Sensitive Skin

Farmacy Honey Grail

Never Skip SPF

Lastly, and most importantly is the SPF! No matter what my skin is going through I never skip the SPF. Like with every other product mentioned, it’s important that the SPF will not dry out or irritate the skin. While I love Glow Screen from Supergoop a new favorite of mine that’s more suitable for everyday is the Dew Glow from Naturium.

If you suffer from dry sensitive skin I hope this post has been helpful!

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