The Best Spring Shoe Trends To Add To Your Collection

Shoes are what bring an outfit together. What shoes you choose to pair with your outfit will set the tone for the look. That’s why I always start with shoes when deciding on what dress or outfit I’ll be putting together. And with the Spring shoe trends this year, I’m excited to add some of these to my collection!

One of this year’s Spring shoe trends is the return of ballet flats! And it’s very polarising – people either love it or hate it. And can I be honest? Although they’re not the comfiest I actually did love them. Despite feeling like I had no shoes on and my feet were in constant pain. Yet, I’m happy to see them making a return! Maybe I’m just a glutton for fashion torture.

Spring Shoe Trends of 2023

Kitten Heels

There’s something quite elegant about a kitten heel. And I’m so happy it’s having its moment. They bring an outfit together that can be either casual or dressy.

kitten heels Spring shoe trends

Ballet Flats

I’m excited for these to return! No, they’re not the most comfortable for a long day but they’re great for a quick day out.

spring shoe trends ballet flats


These definitely come and go. And I’ve always had a soft spot for Wedges. I’m looking forward to wearing a pair of wedges with denim shorts!

espadrille wedges Spring Shoe Trends

Clear Sandals

Out of all the styles, this brings my heart back to the early 2000s when clear sandals had their moment. And here we are 20 years later and they’re back!

clear sandals

Knee-High Boots

Love a knee-high boot paired with a mini-skirt or a maxi dress. Such fun though finding the right pair can sometimes be tricky!

knee-high boots

Mary Janes

The ultimate classic shoe is back! I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of Mary Janes, but I’m stoked to add this to my collection! And this pair from Amazon is so cute!

Mary Janes 2023 shoe trends

As I have said, I’m so excited ballet flats are making a comeback and Mary Jane’s will be in my collection! There’s so much more such as cowboy boots (my Texas-loving heart loves), three-stripe sneakers, and a lot of bold & bright colors. Though, I’m not really a sneaker person. What Spring shoe trend will you be adding to your collection?

Featured Image: Alohas

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