22 Things I’m Thankful For in 2022!

Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving already?! So quickly the time has come! To be honest, this year was a bit of a mixed one for me. At the start, I could only focus on the should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve. And somewhere near the middle of the year, I started to change my outlook on it all. And in honor of Thanksgiving being today, I’m sharing 22 things I’m thankful for this year, in 2022!

It can be quite difficult to show gratitude especially if things are not well. For me, today is an unfortunate anniversary. However, I’ve learned over the years to accept such tough times. They’re learning and growing experiences. And this article on gratitude is worth the read! Here are 22 things I’m thankful for in no particular order of course.

22 Things I’m Thankful For in 2022!

Things to be thankful for in 2022!
  1. The Good Health of My Parents: Since the Pandemic, I’ve been caring for my parents. It’s been non-stop doctor visits and some highly stressful times. However, through it all, they are in good health and I could not be more grateful!
  2. Visiting Graceland: OK, my mom is a huge Elvis Presley fan! Her dream has always been to visit Graceland! And this year, as a late birthday present, we were able to make that dream a reality! And what a fantastic, loving, and exciting experience it was!
  3. The Beauty of Sight: As someone who was born prematurely, I’m thankful to be able to see and view the beauty of nature and more. It can be easy to take for granted what may seem like a birthright to have. Such as being able to see. But as someone who had to have multiple surgeries due to retina detachment, I can’t express how grateful I am for this!
  4. My Dog Missy: Because honestly, who isn’t grateful for the pets in their lives? She’s such a hoot!
  5. My Family Near & Far: Even during difficult times, there’s nothing like family at the end of the day!
  6. Getting Out of My Comfort Zone: Let’s be honest, we all have some trouble getting out of our comfort zone. Lately, I’ve taken action by doing things I normally wouldn’t do. Like going to a Halloween event (didn’t love it, but it was fun nonetheless).
  7. Meditation: I’ve been meditating since 2019. It’s one habit I’m grateful I stick to!
  8. My Friends: In addition to my gratitude for family, the same has to be said for my incredible friends!
  9. Taylor Swift’s Midnights Album: Loving Tay’s new album! And I can’t stop listening …
  10. My Former Employer: Extremely thankful for my former employer whom I miss dearly, yes, but I also learned and grew so much working for a company I loved!
  11. Having A Workout Routine: Working out is something that is of great importance to me! And I love my routine!
  12. A Good Night’s Sleep: Because of a good night’s sleep I can enjoy a good morning routine!
  13. My Good Health: To still find time to take care of my health and be in good health. Highly grateful for sure!
  14. Coffee & Coffee Shops: Because honestly, a good quality cup of coffee makes such a difference. There’s so much joy in that first sip! And coffee shops are my happy place!
  15. Nostalgic TV Shows: Lately, I’ve been finding great enjoyment in watching shows that are nostalgic.
  16. Manicured Nails: Having my nails done is one of those things that just makes me feel good and I love it! There’s just something about manicured nails.
  17. Joyous Laughing Moments: My favorite moments are times when I’m laughing. I mean truly laughing! And hearing others truly laugh and also enjoy their laughter.
  18. Bullet Journaling: Since bullet journaling, I’ve been better focused on my priorities as well as being better organized.
  19. My Kindle: I love reading a good book. Especially on my Kindle.
  20. Sunrise & Sunset: Seeing the sunrise and sunset is such a calming experience I love so much!
  21. Moments of Solitude: Moments to myself to think are moments I don’t take for granted.
  22. Scenic Drives: Living in the Hudson Valley there’s such beautiful scenery. And I love driving and being blessed with such beautiful scenery!

What’re you thankful for?

x Happy Thanksgiving! x

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