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Vacation season is quickly approaching! While I don’t travel as much as I’d love to, I do love a good getaway every now and then. And I love road trips! But no matter where the destination is one must always be ready with their essentials. I remember packing what felt like my entire vanity last year when I traveled to Memphis. However, now during my travels, I love creating a packing list and this includes vacation makeup essentials!

Whether you’re going away for an overnight trip, a weekend, two weeks, a month, etc. there’re just some essentials one cannot be without. And if you are a last-minute packer (ahem, hi) you probably have once or twice overpacked your makeup and taken up more space than needed. Or quite the opposite and severely under-packed having to make a trip to Sephora. 

While I’m still a last-minute packer (will I ever learn?), I make a list ahead of time as I had previously said. And I’ll be including this simple vacation makeup essentials checklist for you to download.

Vacation Makeup Essentials

I’m heading to Atlanta this coming weekend and I’m excited to visit. The last time I visited Georgia I packed my entire vanity and as you can imagine it was way too much and not every item was used. 

The thing is you just never know, right? That’s the thought process that has led to my overpacking my medium-sized makeup bag and only using just a few items. 

Before we get started though, here are a few vacation makeup tips I’d like to share with you:

  • Check the weather of your destination in advance and plan your outfits accordingly.
  • With your outfits planned, start creating your list of essentials. Eg: what eyeshadow palette to bring to create a specific look
  • Opt for minis when possible. They take up less space and are a great way to use them if they’re hardly being used.
  • If you’re more of a makeup minimalist or want to travel with much less use multi-tasking products and face palettes instead.

What To Pack In A Travel Makeup Bag


An overall essential, SPF is a must! Glow Screen is always my go-to, however, lately, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the Naturium Dew Glow. It’s lightweight and I can use it as my moisturizer + SPF if I don’t want to over-moisturize. 


I hardly use a primer, though I have a couple of samples of the Milk Hydrogrip primer that I’ll definitely bring on this trip!

Foundation (BB or CC Cream)

For this trip, I’ll be bringing along two foundations. I know I can get away with just one but because I can’t stop using the Saie Glowy Skin foundation I have to bring it along for the days I opt for a more lighter coverage look. And I’ll also bring along the Patrick Ta major skin duo foundation because I think I’m close to hitting pan!

If you prefer a BB or CC cream pack those instead of an actual foundation or as an alternative for days, you don’t want to wear foundation.


Lately, I’ve been loving the Milk makeup future fluid concealer! It conceals while brightening the undereye area and let’s be honest, my under eyes can use all the brightening help they can get!


Typically, these don’t take up too much space. To keep it ultra simple a brow gel or brow wax may be all you need. I sometimes will just use my brow gel during times I don’t feel like penciling in the sparse areas. 

Eyeshadow Palette

This is where it can get heavy pretty fast. But I try to stick with smaller palettes like the Elf quad or a 6-pan shadow palette versus bringing something like my ABH palette. If you’re opting for quad palettes having one colorful (to match the outfits) and one neutral (because you can never go wrong with neutrals) should suffice.


This is typically where I’d use this as an opportunity to bring my minis. And for this trip, because I don’t want to worry about flakes or smears I’ll be bringing my tubing mascaras.

Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter

If you have a face palette that features these three in one I would prefer that than bringing individual items that will take up more space. But, if like me, that’s not an option I’ll be bringing my Rare Beauty bronzer stick and my Makeup By Mario blush stick. As well as my hourglass blush. It’s so compact it won’t take up much room. As for the highlighter, Saie glow gel for the win!

Lips (Lipsticks, Gloss, Oil)

Again, items that don’t take up much space. But you don’t want to bring your entire collection! I’ve been loving the Lawless Forget the Filler Gloss as well as the Urban Decay Vice lipstick. For lip liner, my beloved Makeup Forever liner in the shade Endless Cacao will be in my bag.

Setting Powder & Setting Spray

You know how important it is to lock in your work! I love the CT flawless filter setting powder and I’ve been enjoying the Caliray surf-proof setting spray for long-lasting looks!

Beyond The Makeup Essential

There’s more than just the actual makeup such as your beauty tools, your makeup bag of choice, and cleaning tools if you clean your brushes before leaving or if you’re staying longer than a weekend. For me, I love my sigma switch and they have a travel version that’s just as great!

Vacation Makeup Essentials Checklist

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