10 Ways to Practice Self Kindness!

Self-kindness doesn’t come easy to many. It’s odd, isn’t it? How kindness to others comes easily? And yet to ourselves, we’re so crass and crude. Yet, we would never dare be that way or say those things to our best friend! World Kindness Day (November 13th) is to help everyone understand that compassion is what binds us together. To spread kindness to others we must first be kind to ourselves. How else can we spread such joy if we are incapable of being in such a way with ourselves?

What Is The Meaning of Self-Kindness? And Why Is It Important?

Self-kindness is being positive toward yourself. Not neglecting nor ignoring our negative thoughts. No not at all. In fact, acknowledging our thoughts (negative or otherwise) is healthy. Its all about how we respond and react to said thoughts.

It’s important to practice self-kindness because it helps increase our self esteem. We become less judgmental of ourselves and tolerant of our human flaws.

An example of self kindness is giving yourself a little TLC when going through a tough time. It’s not selfish it’s self compassion. And we all deserve a little TLC especially through some of our toughest moments.

10 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Kindness!

ways to practice self kindness
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01 | Self-Kindness with Words

We so often speak negatively to ourselves. It comes so naturally. We wouldn’t speak to our friends, significant others, or family the way we speak to ourselves, yet we make it acceptable. I encourage you to take some time and speak kindly to yourself. It’s simple, yeah? Look in the mirror and speak kindly to the person staring back at you. They will appreciate the love!

02 | Gratitude

I’m big on gratitude! It’s one of the first things I do to start my mornings right! During difficult times in our lives, this can be a challenge to express. But give yourself five minutes and write a minimum of 3 things you are grateful for! It may be the weather by you – you love the current season, maybe you’re grateful for speaking kindly to yourself ;), or heck maybe it’s getting up on time. Whatever you’re grateful for write it down and reflect on it.

03 | Do Something for YOU

I know SO many people who will go out of their way and do for others. And if you’re reading this I bet you’re one of them! They will put others before themselves, I am guilty of this as well. When we think of doing something for ourselves it’s overshadowed by guilt. But it’s important we take care of ourselves. So do something you’ve always wanted to do! What’s something that will make you happy? Maybe it’s as simple as some solitude – spending the day by yourself. Going out on a hike. Maybe it’s planning a trip? Whatever it is, do it! Put yourself first!

04 | Celebrate Your Wins!

We often don’t give ourselves enough credit for all that we do. No matter how small an achievement may be we tend to downplay our small wins. However small, it’s an achievement to be celebrated! You didn’t hit the snooze button all week? Yes! Celebrate it! Whatever win you have don’t undervalue it – celebrate it! Celebrate you!

05 | Find Beauty in Your Flaws

We are flawed. Everyone. There isn’t a soul on earth who truly is flawless. Finding beauty in our flaws helps us grow to love and accept ourselves more. Being imperfect is perfect 🙂

06 | Self-Kindness in Forgiving Yourself

We can find it in our hearts to forgive others. To forgive hurtful words spoken to us. So why do we find it so hard to forgive ourselves? Whatever you’re having trouble with and being cruel to yourself about – forgive yourself. Your mistakes are only learning experiences to help you grow! Learn. And grow.

07 | Give Yourself A Rest Day

The days of the hustle and bustle are behind us. Somewhat. It’s important to give yourself time to rest and recharge. Don’t want to get up from bed in the morning? Sleep in! Want to binge on your favorite TV show? Do it! Don’t judge or be harsh on yourself – you deserve a do-nothing rest day!

08 | Turn off Social Media

The average person spends roughly two hours and forty-two minutes on social media (145min). Give yourself a day to break and keep off social media. I personally took the past year off social media. Think, about what you can do in those two hours if you’re not on social media! How else can you spend those two hours? Maybe reading a book you’ve been dying to read? Practice some yoga. Let your mind rest from the mindless scrolling!

09 | Worry Only About YOU

We so often worry about others. Care for others. Do for others. Free up some space to worry about you. Check-in with yourself. How are you feeling? We worry about others judging us, but the truth is no one can judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves.

10 | Being Kind to Others is Self-Kindness

Saved this one for last! But yes, be kind to others. Often times when we are kind to others it Increases our self-esteem. It’s a reflection of how we are feeling toward ourselves! Go ahead, brighten someone’s day. They’ll thank you for it and you’ll thank yourself!

I hope you’ve found one or two things that may have resonated with you. Be kind to yourself and others!

xx Zee xx

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