Winter Purple Nails To Inspire You This Season!

Are you searching for winter nail inspiration? Looking for some winter purple nails to spike creativity?

A good manicure is what makes one’s hands look well-polished and well-taken care of. Likewise, they make for great conversation starters and create an inner dialect into our current mood/feelings. I love doing my nails bi-weekly! Generally, I will do a manicure based on the current season and mood I’m in. Who else picks their manicure shade based on season and emotion?

Our color of the year 2022 is very peri; a beautiful blurple shade that suits all skin tones beautifully (in my opinion). I’m sure we’ll see this color a lot, especially on our nails!

While Winter isn’t necessarily my favorite season, I’ve grown to love its beauty and adventures. Such as going ice skating with friends, visiting the city enjoying the cold crisp air, a cup of hot cocoa. It’s the simple things that make me happy. Like the holidays and holiday manicures!

Getting your nails done is such a personalized experience. Especially during our current times, where our nails and eyes are the most visible. Whether you do it yourself or go to a salon, these purple winter nail shades and designs are sure to spark some inspiration!

Here Are 22 Winter Purple Nails That Will Inspire You This Season!

Is Purple A Good Color For Nails?

Purple is not only a beautiful color that has such wonderful meaning, but they’re also so many shades of purple that it looks good on anyone with any skin tone! Purple is creativity, strength, wealth, ambition, and luxury! It’s a strong color with an even stronger meaning. And it’s beautiful on the nails!

01 | Winter Purple Nails Fairytale

Photo: Beth

Winter Purple Nails | Beth

02 | Snowflakes and Sparkle

Photo: Kennedy

Purple flakes and sparkles | kennedy

03 | Purple Plaid & Flakes

Photo: Marion

Purple Plaid | Marion

04 | Snowflakes on Snowflakes

Photo: Rhea

Snowflakes and more Snowflakes | Rhea

05 | Purple Neon, Stripes, and Sparkles

Photo: Leticia

Purple Neon Stripes and Sparkles | Leticia

06 | Dark Purple Vibes

Photo: Wendy

Dark Purple Vibes | Wendy

07 | Purple In The Middle

Photo: MBee Nails & Beauty

Purple in the Middle | MBee Nails & Beauty

08 | Matte Vibes with A Sparkle

Photo: Kat

Matte Purple with Sparkle | Kat

09 | Winter Purple Color blocking Nails

Photo: Savanah

Winter Purple Nails - color blocking | Savanah

10 | Swarvoski Crystals with Snowflakes

Photo: Cassandra

Purple Swarvoski Crystals | Cassandra

11 | Winter Purple Nails Galore

Photo: Kirsty

Winter Purple Nails | Kristy

12 | Ombré and Bright Star

Photo: Klaudia

Purple Omre | Klaudia

13 | Shades of Winter Purple Nails

Photo: Maria

Shades of Purple | Maria

14 | Simple Polka Dots and Lines

Photo: Wiktoria

Simple Polka Dots | Wiktoria

15 | Lilac and Gold Foil

Photo: Viktoria

Lilac with Gold Foil | Viktoria

16 | Keep It Matte

Photo: Karolina

All Matte | Karolina

17 | Purple Marble

Photo: Maria

Purple Marble | Maria

18 | Lilac On Shorties

Photo: Ploy

Lilac on Shorties | Ploy

19 | Purple Shine and Glam


Purple Shine and Glam

20 | Galaxy Purple

Photo: Bethany

Galaxy Purple | Bethany

21 | Winter Purple Sweater

Photo: Boutique Delle Unghie

Purple Sweater - Winter Purple Nails | Boutique Delle Unghie

22 | Dark Purple Heart

Photo: The Nail Bar

Dark Purple Heart - Winter Purple Nails | The Nail Bar

The beauty of having your nails done or doing them yourself is creativity! Whether it be solids or some sparkle there’s something for everyone. Even if purple may not be your favorite color, there’s something about it when on the nails! Certainly, I hope you’ve found some inspiration with these beautiful purple nails!

xx Zee xx

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